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Zodiac Rugs

You can create the mystic vibe in your room with VisionBeddings personalized Zodiac rugs, which come in over a hundred and sixty different designs to select from, choosing the one that suits you best. The ancient science of studying stars, their alignment and how they complement different planets to influence human characteristics and behavior has mystified human beings for ages. Astrology is an inexact science that has thrived over time, creating a sense of amazement amongst believers and mystics, who strive to understand and study the signs and omens that stars portent. Almost everyone in the world believes in star-signs to some extent. Even if they do not believe, they are aware of which sign that they are born under. For people who truly believe in the relevance of their star signs to their character traits, VisionBedding has Zodiac themed rugs which showcase the symbols of all the twelve signs of the zodiac. You can choose the rug that shows the star that you were born under which would add a personal touch to your bedroom.

Some of our area rugs show entire Zodiac star charts, which have mystical drawings of stars and their representative planets, done in black and purple which symbolize power and depth, as colors are said to influence your moods and surroundings. Some of our custom size rug designs have modern avatar drawings that show different girls dressed specifically to suit the star-signs that they represent, for example an Aquarius girl in a blue dress bearing water or two identical girls that symbolize the Gemini twins.

Zodiac glyphs are also a cool addition as a unique rug. You can get them separately, as a single glyph that represents your sign, or a collective chart of glyphs set against a detailed background. Zodiac rugs are sure to give an ethereal touch to your room, and will make you feel connected with the universe above and around you.

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