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Zodiac Backdrops

Millions of designs- Personalized just for you!  Custom sizes available.

Over 200  Zodiac Custom Size Photographer Backdrops to choose from which can make a really unique photo shot.

Astrological signs are important to many people, thus no photo studio backdrop collection is complete without a Zodiac backdrop. Make sure you have a photography backdrop representing each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac so you can offer each of your clients a backdrop for their own sign. We have many different styles of Zodiac designs for you to choose from. In one series of custom sized backdrops, the signs are illustrated in red, yellow, orange and white and set against a background of white, tan and sky blue roughly painted circles.

These impressionistic photographer backdrop designs include a bull for Taurus that is rearing up on its hind legs and preparing to thrust its horns forward. Then there is one that has a pair of Gemini twins with bald heads and big orange beards, and a scowling lion with his long tail curled and raised above his back, symbolizing the sign Leo. Another of our styles depicts the signs with cartoon women, such as Virgo seen with long black hair, huge black eyes, a slender body and a flowing blue dress. We also have custom backdrops that feature the entire Zodiac in one scene, for your photo subjects who enjoy all the astrological signs.

For a simply colored backdrop, use a grid of twelve squares of white stars seen in a deep blue sky, with each square displaying a different Zodiac constellation, which are outlined in fine white lines. Work with a complex and elaborate backdrop that shows photos of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the sun, the moon and more, inside a ring that is adorned with pictures for each sign of the Zodiac. If you prefer the traditional Zodiac symbols, you need a backdrop that depicts a black circle with the twelve ancient signs drawn in white lines and separated in white outlined wedges.

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