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Zodiac Blankets

Comfy fleece blankets are ready in a wide variety of Zodiac graphics. Snuggle up in a comfy blanket and get warm tonight. Or pick a bed blanket size to turn your sleeping space into a photo gallery master piece. 

When a guest asks, What's your sign, you will soon be able to point to the zodiac throw blanket on your couch. Are you a Scorpio, bold and decisive, able to get what you want? Choose a blanket with a fierce-eyed scorpion, poisonous tail poised overhead. Or are you a Libra? We have a blanket with a pair of scales balanced delicately on a fingertip, weighing each situation the way you do. Maybe you're a Pisces, then the blanket you need has a pair of gentle and sensitive fish on a blue background with yellow flowers and seashells. If you were born in midsummer, then you're a Leo, a powerful leader by nature. For you we have a blanket design of a proud lion, with its front paws in the air, ready to leap.

Zodiac themed blankets also make great birthday presents for someone interested in astrology. Do you have a friend who is a Virgo? Give them a fleece blanket designed with a shimmering silver woman, a pair of wings on her back and a branch in her hands. If you prefer a more abstract blanket design, we have every zodiac sign in its classical symbol form as well.

The arrow for Sagittarius, two jagged lines for Aquarius, or a curved 'V' for Taurus. If you want a more playful image, we have blanket designs of each zodiac sign represented by cartoons. If you want to celebrate not only your own sign but the entire zodiac, then select a blanket featuring the twelve signs surrounding the sun and planets on a starry, blue background. If you identify with your astrological sign, and want to remind yourself of your place in the universe, then bring the zodiac into your home by adding personalized text such as your birthday on one of our zodiac themed blankets!

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