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Abstract Blankets

Abstract blanket designs speak to our innermost selves in a way that few other things can. It is a blending of color, patterns, and line to create a composition that relies on pure emotion. Some abstract art uses bright images to capture our attention, while others use subtle variations in pattern and texture to invoke a certain mood. Many of the most successful artists of the past century have relied on these methods to create beautiful tableaus that tell a story to the careful observer.

VisionBedding can help you capture the spirit of abstract art with these creative and beautiful images specially dyed into a fleece blanket. Our blankets faithfully reproduce the vibrant colors and patterns found in this type of art. Many of these abstract images evoke strong emotions.

You can choose art that speaks best to you personally whether that's a bright paint-splatter motif or a repeating geometric pattern. Abstract blankets can help you express yourself in a unique way. Since these blankets do not use concrete images, its interpretation is up to you.

You can choose the styles and images that suit your personality and your room the best. These blankets make a bold statement about who you are and what you believe. You'll enjoy telling visitors about why you chose the style you did and how it fits in with your overall sense of self.

Many of these abstract designs can be personalized with your unique text. You can add your favorite poem or music lyrics or anything else you want to make these your own and help you invoke the mood you want in your room.

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