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Zodiac Bedding

If you're looking to purchase a brand new Zodiac styled bed sheet or a complete bed set, you've come to the right place.  Every one of our Zodiac designs are available in king, queen, twin xl and twin sizes.  We can alter the color of any product in your bedding set or add a personalized sentence to the graphic.

The zodiac calendar with all its predictive qualities and representative animal themes amongst the stars has been around for centuries and trusted by countless numbers for a daily dose of what the future holds for them. Despite all the technological progress of the last two centuries the zodiac has yet to fade or lose its popularity among the masses still being printed daily in newspapers all over the globe and carefully watched or playfully read by anyone desiring to know what they should watch for or look forward to in the future near or far. Zodiac bedding from VisionBedding brings the foretelling touch of the zodiac to the bedroom making for a personalized style to fit what the future holds. For a creative and colorful bedspread design no matter what the future holds the four quadrants of earth, fire, water and air are equally represented in a unique comforter design in a circular pattern that will brighten up any bedroom.

Another bedding design uses a cool blue swirl of stars in a spiral galactic pattern and a dark background overlaid by an array of zodiac symbols showing a complete yearly calendar on the bedding set. VisionBedding brings a truly custom approach to bedding for zodiac lovers everywhere. If its the symbols themselves that are enjoyed so much, than bring the symbols home with a Greek painted pottery style duvet cover full of bright glossy hues showing a scorpion among the stars in zodiac style.

Or choose another Zodiac design with a large lion and the stars laid out showing the galactic representation of this unique symbol and even the dragon Draco on a bed in a bag. Other symbols of the zodiac can be represented on matching pillows.  A display of star formations representing the full twelve constellations of the zodiac on a custom duvet with their symbols laid out in a bottom row brings an astrological feel to a unique bedding design that is a sure fit for any astrologer. Free personalized text such as a birth date can also be added to make a one of a kind bedding design to include in your zodiac themed bedroom.

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