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Brown Rugs

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Brown is one of the most overlooked colors in home decor, probably because its a non-flashy shade that usually acts as a background palette against which to decorate with more vibrant hues. But our brown rugs can be just as flashy, we promise. In fact, the gentle, earthy tones of these floor coverings can pop out at you in surprising ways when contrasted properly with lighter shades. Our more creative rugs will show exactly how much you can do with the color brown.

Folk wisdom indicates that dreams of the color brown entail that you'll be lucky with money. We wont promise you a windfall, but we can promise style with our incredible selection of brown custom size rugs. Brown has a surprisingly wide range of tones hidden within it.

Shades ranging from dark (almost black) brown to shades of tan, breaking into tan and off-white contrast with one another, while still coordinating perfectly to offer the earthiness and coarseness of coffee, chocolate and nutmeg. Brown rugs work because they evoke the comfort of the natural tones we find in wood, soil, food home. Brown rugs provide a neutral base for your room decor, which can support bolder colors with a balancing contrast.

Many of our designs set mottled brown against dirty eggshell, deep mocha brown against creamy tan, or faded light brown shades against white mixed with soft grey tones. Often the best way to use this color is to set it against lighter or darker shades of itself. Some of our most gorgeous rugs feature organic swirls of light cinnamon brown against deeper earth tones, evoking trees, leaves and other natural shapes to great effect.

You can play with organic and geometric shapes to create just the effect you want with our brown theme rugs.

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