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Daisy Rugs

Webs Largest choices of Daisy themed area rugs. Every single graphic is available in a custom size, or rug style such as a floor mat.

Daisies add a free-spirited sense of charm to the fragility and beauty of flowers. Decorate your family room, foyer or kids' bedrooms with our daisy rugs to provoke feelings of joy and lightheartedness. These whimsical rug patterns include daisies illustrated or painted with simple strokes of violet, pink, yellow, white, orange or other bright colors, as well as photographs of these lovely flowers. Your young daughter will be enamored with a new carpet rug that features drawings of orange, reddish orange, pale yellow and soft maroon daisies set on a tangerine orange background.

These flowers are made extra special with smiley faces sketched in black on their round yellow centers. She'll also love to see a photo of her face added to the blank white center of a daisy rug framed by violet, purple, turquoise and aqua lines and flowers. For your own bedroom, select an area rug that pictures a close up photo image of a real daisy in full bloom.

These include floor mats that show a light pinkish purple daisy extended over a pure white background on its thick green stem. Another carpet rug displays a classic white daisy and its dense bundle of yellow pistils reaching into a vibrant blue sky speckled with wispy white clouds. Pair those with a floor mat that showcases a spectacular array of effervescent green, red, yellowish orange and lavender daisies falling like snowflakes.

We also have daisy rugs that combine these iconic flowers with stalks of wheat and curving stripes of red, brown, golden, salmon, green and yellow. Each of these carefree vertical columns is patterned with thin white lines, tiny red leaves or spiraling shapes. Imbue your home with the warmth and light of summer by adding daisy pillows and a daisy themed bath decor.

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