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Special Interests Blankets

In life, there is always one object that we hold onto for dear life. Believe it or not, it may surprise you on the thing people say they will always take with them wherever they go. For little kids, it could be a water gun or their toy dinosaurs.  One way to let them take it wherever they go is to choose their favorite object and put it on our custom blankets!

Working adults may need their laptop and a cup of coffee in order to start brainstorming. To get you to brainstorm, you may need to look at a picture of person sketching a light bulb on a notepad. Do you have a doctor in the family? You should give them the blanket, displaying the word “Dr.” in yellow with a heart placed on the center of the letter “R” and a stethoscope placed next it.

Convey your passion for shopping through stacks of colorful shopping bags or with picture of a pool of money spread out on the floor. If you are a diva by heart, you may like the blanket featuring shoes, makeup, sunglasses, and a watch. The martini glass design will remind you to go out and have fun. Want to say, “I love you” in a unique and romantic manner? The large and glossy-shaped heart is the way to do it. Or perhaps, you can take her to your country home with rustic blankets and country themed bedding for a quick and relaxing getaway. The bottle containing paintbrushes is an ideal image for artists who can wear the throw blanket around them, as they paint their next creation. If we do not have your favorite object featured on the list, send it to us.


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