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Hip Hop Blankets

Hip hop has now been around for more than thirty years and is one of the most popular types of music, but its more than that, its a way to dress and a way to live. With our hip hop themed blankets, you will pay tribute to the past and present of hip hop. The beats of hip hop come first and foremost from the turntable. Are you a DJ or do you want to be? Make a statement about hip hop by covering your bed with a blanket displaying the silhouette of a DJ wearing a baseball cap, headphones draped around his neck while he holds a red, grey and white record in his hand, ready to play another track at the club as an abstract design of two records bursts out from an explosion of black and red.

Or do you prefer a turntable with the needle on a record, surrounded by rainbows, palm trees and notes? How about a DJ spinning tracks while a sexy woman dances in a yellow bikini and high heels in front him, as stars, stripes and musical notes shoot by? Once you're making hip hop music, you have to have big speakers to play it loud and get the party going. Choose a blanket design with a trio of speakers and a girl getting funky in front of them. Or get really wild and go for our blanket featuring two guys starting a street party with a boom box, with the view of a basketball court and city skyline behind them.

Another legendary aspect of hip hop is breakdancing. Celebrate this amazing art form with a b-boy doing a breakdance handstand in front of a crowd of dancing girls. If you want to have the best parties in town in your home, decorate with our custom sized fleece hip hop blankets.

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