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Vintage Blankets

Vintage means a lot of different things, but all of those associations are drawn into the imagery of these vintage blankets. Whether its the cozy comforts of grandmas house, with its fruit-laden checkered tablecloths, or the silky elegance of a regal parlor, vintage style permeates this varied collection of home decor fashion from other decades, woven into contemporary blankets with the style of its own time. So chocolate notes of music waft from the floral trumpet of an early phonograph; the chrome of a front grill curls into a smile on the fender of a shiny red and white car; butterflies pin down grandpas den, and glamour is in a tight bodice and a long paintbrush cigarette holder. What does vintage mean to you? Are you after the crumpled parchment and compasses of partial treasure maps in beautiful brass and ivory tones, or the Betty Boop ideals of the Fifties with their pop imagery and bright colors? Maybe you're looking for a sense of antiquity, in Tuscan tones and Roman images; classic beauty in black-gloved thought, set against a royal paisley in almost black-and-white, the barest color in lips, skin and tresses; or a playful touch from the past, in whimsical floral swirls forming from impressions of garden flowers and a falling autumn leaf, all caught with a few frames of film.

Whatever you're looking for, these custom vintage style blankets will take you back to the time and essence of the period, from pastel paisleys to a red dress caught in the door of a rain-pelted black Beetle, with the Gothic overtones that arose from those times. Show us what vintage means to you.

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