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Samurai Blankets

Our samurai blankets capture all of the strength, discipline, courage and mastery of skills that it takes to make a great warrior. The images that will stun your son when he sees them lying across his bed include Japanese style illustrations of samurais in the midst of combat, the pagodas that these fierce warriors protect from invaders, and solemn yet intense depictions of lone samurais training at the break of dawn. Start with a woven blanket that uses different shades of green to depict the Japanese countryside in medieval times. The centerpiece of this pattern is two samurais seen as dark green silhouettes as they clash swords.

This scene is framed on the custom blanket by bamboo stalks, while in the background you can see the setting sun, rolling mountains and pagodas, all colored with lighter shades of green. Another samurai battle is depicted on fleece blankets that feature an illustration rendered only in black ink, except for the red rising sun on the horizon. To display all of the focus and ferocity of a samurai, go for a throw blanket that features a close up painting of the face of one of these ancient knights of Japan.

He's shown on your samurai blanket with his black hair tied into a top knot, a look of incredible concentration in his eyes, rage burning across his face, and a gray and yellow kimono hung over his broad shoulders. Just like athletes today are popular with the ladies, so were samurais. And we have a woven blanket that shows four fine drawings, two of samurais and two of the beautiful geisha girls who adored them.

Give your family the viewpoint of a samurai leaving his home for battle with a throw blanket that pictures a castle in Osaka, Japan. This samurai blanket is patterned with a photo that peers up at the many levels of white walls and black awnings that make up this huge pagoda. Turn your home into the interior of one of these castles by adding our samurai themed wall murals and bedding.

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