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Alien Blankets

Are we alone in the universe? This has been a fundamental and unanswered question that has been asked ever since mankind understood that the Earth was not the only planet. Because the question has gone unanswered and is so deep-seated in modern society aliens remain as a pop culture icon being the subject of extremely popular books, movies and TV shows that last for decades without losing their popularity. While UFOs and their associated abduction stories offer a never ending source of speculation. An alien bed blanket from VisionBedding is a great way to set apart any bedroom with a unique out of this world theme.

A large metallic flying saucer beaming up a welcoming crowd of alien enthusiasts into their ship just after sundown makes for a truly custom blanket for anyone who takes an interest in UFOs that wants to add a special touch to their bedroom where as a pale skinned alien with huge glaring eyes staring you down as if it knows every thought brings an intense feel to any room with a seriously fun alien theme. A group of five colorful UFOs shining their brightly lit beams and looking to have some fun adds a playful feel to a children's room that any boy or girl will enjoy while adding a personalized touch to their special room. Aliens have to get around too and a throw blanket filled with cartoon aliens, their speedy rocket ships and a toy ray gun all in tones of blue and brown is a wonderful addition to a boy's room.

You can always put different alien designs on your alien themed pillows to get a montage look. For a more digital approach to alien blankets a white and orange alien robot waving hello with his three metallic fingers while he moves around on wheels instead of feet that is set in a blanket colored to match any room makes for a truly unique custom blanket that cant be found anywhere else. An alien staring into a star filled sky with long orange arms and a white space suit wondering whether there is anyone out there set in a brown striped background adds a personalized touch even teenagers will enjoy.

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