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Special Interests Window Curtains

As appealing as some patterns can be, you have to consider window curtains that feature more distinct items on them to make them stand out. We have some objects window curtains that highlight an assortment of great pictures of items that can really stand out and make a difference in any spot.

You can order objects window curtains that feature individual items. We have shots of monetary notes, microscopes, heart symbols, food items and pipes among other things. These are made with white backgrounds in most cases but we do have some darker choices too. A few shots of gift boxes and puzzle pieces can also be found on a few of these curtain sets to add a special style.

Our curtains include pictures that bring several themed objects together. You can get a business-themed design that features work shoes, a shirt and other items one might need. Some work-oriented shots of laptop computers can be found as well. Other pictures from us feature shots of different fitness-oriented items like running shoes and free weights.

You can try to decorate your room using window curtains with images of palm trees and a beach bedding set for your unique bedroom style.


Window curtains can have an impact on your home decor. It can either be out of place or blend well with your customized design. Choosing the perfect design that will be hung on your windows will be your room’s cherry on top. Have windows of all shapes and sizes? That's fine, we can customize its size to perfectly fit your window. VisionBedding carries over 450 special interests designs to pick from, sporting different images, patterns and styles for your bedroom’s decorations.

There are numerous details to take into account when ordering draperies for any window in your living space. For instance, how long do you need your curtains to run? They can go as low as the carpet or stop right above the window sill. While there are low cost ready made curtains, if your living space has many different sized windows, this may not be a good option for you. Finding premade draperies to dress each and every window in your living space that match can be problematic, especially if you need all of them to complement your special interests designed room. VisionBedding not only designs a fun and exciting process but brings you USA made, strong quality drapes that will last. How much light the window receives is also necessary to think about. If it brings in a lot of natural light, you may wish to get darker curtains; if it doesn’t bring in much light, having brighter window curtains can make the living space seem more open and bright, without the light coming in from the window.

Vision Bedding offers many different types of customizable options to meet your personal style. If your windows are all sizes, we provide custom made drapes to flawlessly fit your windows. If you fancy one of our special interests designs, but would like it in another shade, we can alter it to go better with your living room’s vibe. You can also create your own personal design, upload a cherished photo, or make a collage for your window curtains.

The right draperies will take your special interests space from “eh” to “sheer perfection” both functionally and visually. Our exclusive customizable window curtains are sure to help display your decorating skills. So get designing and get innovative and let Vision Bedding help you demonstrate your personal style.

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