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Robot Window Curtains

Close your window curtains and give a robot the privacy he needs. Let a couple of robots cruise back and forth across your window on Segues, purply pink and blue, wondering why the fad didn't catch on. Give them lobster claws and toothy grins, wrench hands and clunky feet, green and red and blue and pink, walking across your windows with assigned emotions and personalities. Hold your heart high in blue sky in the hands of a black and white robot.

Put black and white fish, snakes, crabs and beetles on custom robot themed window curtains and let them crawl around in the sun. Have a silver android spin white mandela wheels for you on an endless quest for Nirvana. Leave three of them bouncing at the window in pink, blue and yellow on black bicycle shocks on custom size window curtains.

Smile with cherry delight or head off into battle with machine guns ready in their holsters at your side. Program the brain of a robot with your own ideas and do some social networking. Put a rasta bot in the window, its fruity pastel stripes underlining its goofy expression.

Whether you want a letter carrier or a body guard, let these custom size robot themed window curtains give you a hand or two with clamps and flexi-stretch arms. Make off with a robot and some money bags and defend them with your own army of robots, their master sergeant a silver robot with a fire in his belly, on custom size window curtains.

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