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Pool Window Curtains

Our pool window curtains give your rec room or guest room the hip and timeless atmosphere of a pool hall. Choose custom size curtains that are designed with photo images of real pool tables ready for gambling and showcases of skill. Then add drapes that picture animated and artistic depictions of billiards balls ricocheting together. Start with a classic feel of a smoky old bar by selecting pool window curtains that display a black and white photo of four billiard balls clustered in the corner of a table.

In the background, you can see the blurred image of a pool player leaning over and lining up a tough shot. Contrast that to a window valence that shows the adrenaline rush that pool can bring. These include the illustration of a black and white eight ball set beside splashes of red, green, yellow and blue paint on a grayish white background.

You can't fit a pool table in his bedroom, but your son will love having a part of his favorite game in his own room, with custom size curtains that exhibit a color photo of chalk, a brown wooden cue stick and a triangle of colorful billiard balls arranged on a green felt table. The solid yellow 1 ball is in front, with red, orange, purple, blue and green striped or solid balls behind it, before you break them apart to start the game. Customize a set of pool window curtains by adding your family's name to the solid black background of a unique design.

These curtains show an eight ball scorching towards you with a trail of red and orange flames behind it. To really immerse yourself in the culture of billiards, you need our pool themed wall murals and blankets as well.

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