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Teddy Bear Window Curtains

Turn a drab room into an adorable one with these custom teddy bear window curtains! Boys and girls alike can take in the great outdoors with theses adorable teddy bears. Accent the room with a cute cartoon of a shy, pink teddy bear standing around tall pink and white flowers. How about the Its a Boy curtain with a bear? It is perfect for a baby's room. It has the cute teddy bear that is hanging on a close-line by a clip on his ear.

Next to him is a sign that says, Its a Boy as well as socks, a diaper, and a song bird that is sitting on the line. Children of all ages will love these teddy bear curtains. Try other cartoon designs such as the brown teddy bear on a white background that is happily eating red berries out of a basket.

A little blue bird flies around next to the teddy bear with his eyes on the berries. Or see the same bear in another picture with the blue bird sitting on one of his hands and a daisy in his other hand. He is back dropped by a white background with a red and blue bouncy ball at his feet.

Fall in love with teddy bear window curtains with hearts! See an adorable, yellow bear that is looking at you with loving eyes and holding a big, shiny red heart or the white bear with pink ears and feet that is holding a pink and white polka dotted heart. Another bear holds onto a red heart balloon as he floats through the clouded sky and one features a white and pink bear holding an envelope that is stamped with a heart. You cant go wrong with these teddy bear window curtains.

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