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Yin Yang Window Curtains

Our yin yang window curtains allow you to display an ancient Oriental symbol in your living room, guest room or bedroom. The wisdom and contemplation of the yin yang is displayed on these curtains in both the traditional style and numerous innovative ways. These include contrasting night and day or heaven and Earth, as well as holiday themes and a variety of color combinations. If it's the classic pairing of two swirls and two dots of black and white that most inspires you to consider how each concept is related to its opposite, then go with our ying yang window curtains that exhibit this design.

The yin yang symbol can be depicted in many ways in our designs, but you shouldn't forget the meaning of balance and harmony as you decorate. Picking the right yin yang window curtains for the right room can be difficult, but we try to make it easy.  You can create custom size yin yang window curtains at VisionBedding that can place this ancient symbol on any size or shape window you have in your home. You can also customize the color of the curtains so that you can perfectly match, or contrast, the walls of a room in your home. 

For a modern room, you can have the yin yang set on a pure white background, or have it illuminated by a white halo on a black background. A different yin yang window valence depicts this iconic symbol in black and white between two Chinese characters. This would make quite a statement if placed on a bright red wall for a more shabby chic theme room. For a peaceful room, select drapes that set a yin yang symbol over white clouds in a bright blue sky beside stars sparkling in a navy blue sky - a design that is a great reminder of the balance of night and day.  

We also have several yin yang window curtains that are especially for girls that want to incorporate this symbol, yet keep their room fun and colorful. One of these designs replaces the normal black of one side of the symbol with a vibrant pink color. Other designs fill the white section in with a mystical blue light or bright red.  Another interesting take on the yin yang curtain design shows the cycle of plant life with a yin yang created from photos of a pink flower and brown soil. 

There's really something for every room in the yin yang window curtain category, we also have yin yang themed bedding- so don't be shy when trying to bring balance and harmony to any room in your home.  

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