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Christian Window Curtains

Decorate your bedroom, living or office with our Christian themed window curtains and drapes to spread your values and show your pride in Christianity. The cross is the major symbol of Christianity, so choose custom sized window curtains depicting different images of crosses, such as a photo image of a large but simple wooden cross set on a hillside, with the silhouettes of trees in the distance, blue, grey, orange and yellow clouds overhead, and the setting sun captured just behind the cross, sending rays of light around it. Or how about Christian drapes displaying a cross made from thick wood blocks resting on the edge of a lake, with reeds and old branches around it, as the rising sun turns the sky bright yellow, orange and fiery red, a cross made from two logs depicted floating in the clouds over mountains with black clouds outlined in sunlight behind it, or a black cross with a silver statue of Jesus hung on it, shown in a blue sky? Another important Christian symbol is the dove, and we also have many drape designs featuring doves, including a pair of hands opened up to release doves that are flying straight up into the sky or a dove flying in front of a bright sun. Honor the story of the birth of Jesus in a room with drapes representing the Three Wise men traveling across a brown and yellow desert on camels beneath a starry sky with a nativity scene of Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise men and the baby Jesus on a patch of hay in a manger across shown through a wall mural.

We also have Christian window curtain designs that show a pair of hands in prayer, a cartoon scene of Jesus calming a storm at sea, a reenactment of the crucifixion, and more.

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