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Solar System Window Curtains

Turn the view from your bedroom or living room into a sight that usually only astronomers using the most powerful telescopes can see with our solar system themed window curtains. The sun, Earth and other eight planets are depicted on these custom size window curtains in scientific and artistic designs for both adults and children. On one panoramic window curtain design, detailed illustrations of the nine planets of our solar system are shown in a straight line beside our flaming orange sun. Which planets can you pick out from the black and blue sky of space? The rings of Saturn? The red stripes and spots of massive Jupiter? Tiny and distant Pluto? On another solar system window curtain pattern, the reddish orange sun is shown in the center.

Here the planets from Mercury to Uranus are shown traveling on their elliptical orbits, which are represented with white lines that cut through the starry black vastness of space. Start teaching your kids about the solar system they live in by giving them a set of window curtains that show nine blue, tan and brown planets overlapping each other on a bright white background. Give your living room a dark, powerful and magnificent ambiance with a set of drapes that exhibit the planet of our solar system soaring away from you as they leave eerie neon blue trails behind them.

On these drapes, our scorching sun sits on the right edge of the design in a pure black sky. This scene is also angled to give a sensation of depth and motion to the revolving planets. For a large and clear view of the neighbors of Earth, choose custom window curtains that display the planets of our solar system from close up, as a semicircle of the raging sun looms behind them.

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