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It’s important for babies to be exposed to seeing various objects so they can distinguish shapes and other sights as they get older. Our objects baby bedding sets are ideal to have as they are made with some fine pictures of different baby-related items.

The objects that are included in our baby bedding sets include drawings of bobbles, carriages, outfits, pacifiers and toys to name a few things. Some pictures of cleaning towels, blankets and other items are also available for you to order.

Our objects baby bedding sets include designs that bright colors and a few pastel tones all around. A few pictures of bright blue skies can be found in some of our sets. We have some options that feature black backgrounds to make some of the lighter colors on our objects visible.

These are great designs that offer unisex looks that are suitable for boys and girls alike.

Setting up the baby room or going up to big kid beds: this is part of parent life. It is thrilling, and in this fleeting moment when you feel like you can make the whole world a wonderful shelter for your baby, you should begin with the best linens. A bassinet or toddler bed is practically the focal point of the child’s room and the center of your baby’s world, so Vision Bedding tries hard to make it perfect for you with our incredible collection of baby blankets, crib comforters, and bedding sets for your toddler beds.

The first item you will tackle when you are purchasing items for your baby’s nursery is… "Is it fun?” And undoubtedly, it is going to be. From the instant you lovingly arrange the bed coverings for the first time to the time you strip down the bed with misty eyes to create space for the next size up, the styles you select will stay vivid because we utilize high grade, eco friendly, water based dyes and procedures that defy peeling and fading. We understand that you’re nervous about your baby’s happiness and delicate skin too, so we provide velvety, smooth materials such as exceedingly lightweight, downy microsuede and sumptuous sateen cotton to create our duvets, blankets, and comforters. And incidentally, each of our comforters are made in the USA. Aside from being cozy to the touch, Vision Bedding has selected light down alternatives for our comforters--an outstanding value with a bunch of room to breathe that will always be cushy and cozy to promote a calm night’s rest.

Your little one is not like any other baby in the universe, and you don’t want their room to be like anybody else’s, either. With more than 600 schemes to pick from, you are sure to locate that special factor to finish the special interests design that will encompass that mini world in the first few years. And to wholly make it your own, we give you the option to modify the coloring, replicate a pattern you like, eliminate objects, or tailor with text or even a photograph of your own, infused directly into the weave of your child’s bed clothes. That photograph that plainly says “magic of childhood” to you can be more than a photo on the wall, transforming into the centerpiece of your baby’s bedroom as a baby blanket or crib comforter. And when personality begins to take shape and your toddler develops more “likes”, you will discover toddler bedding sets that mirrors their best loved things.

At VisionBedding, we can assist you in decorating a one of a kind space for your child. Rather than purchase the boring off the shelf bedding that every other infant has, shop our inventory for special interests bedspreads that will become your baby’s forever love. Exclusive images on blankets or personalized comforters will become keepsakes and will give your baby long lasting memories of their baby days. Let us work together on the baby room of your fantasies!

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