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Graffiti Window Curtains

Spice up any room with these custom graffiti window curtains! These are a great way to add a unique and rtistic look to a living space or office. They could be a perfect solution for adding color to a tattoo parlor or a teens room. Try an abstract collage that was created with several magazine clippings glued together. Female cut-outs, dancers, clowns, and various words are cut out and pasted together.

Over-top of them is graffiti markings and words. Also see a contemporary design with a short brick wall that has been filled with graffiti with bright yellow and orange paint. A barbed wire fence is on the top half of the wall and through the fence you can see the outline of the city.

Another design that stands out features a wall that is completely covered in graffiti drawings. Over the top of them are the painted words, All You Need is Love. A colorful image that stands out features a graffiti word with dark purple, pink, white, and maroon paint.

Another image shows a white and black brick wall with a few paint splatters on it. It allows you to put your own graffiti words on the wall! See a creative design with a painting on a cement wall. A maid stands there and appears as though she is pulling up the edge of the wall to reveal brick behind it.

She is holding a dust pan and looking at the viewer. The image is so lifelike that you have to look at two small graffiti drawings next to her to realize that it is a painting. If you cant decide which graphic you like best there is a collage of twenty four different graffiti drawings together that allows you to have many different artistic looks all wrapped up into one!.

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