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Sexy Blankets

The bed is the place where sexy thoughts lead, so make your bed extra sexy by covering it with our custom sexy blankets. What gets your blood hot? A girl shown from belly button to knees, wearing just a pair of ripped up, unbuttoned jeans? How about a gorgeous girl pouting her thick red lips, wearing no top, her long blonde hair the only thing covering her nipples, as she unbuckles her belt and starts to take her pants off for you? Or do you go wild for exotic, even mystical, women? Then you need a blanket featuring a slender girl with long brown hair wearing nothing but white panties and white angel wings as she cups her bare breasts in her hands, or a tall woman with black hair, black bird wings and no clothes except a long piece of black cloth, standing seductively in front of a full moon and lightning filled sky. Or do you want a sexy man on your furry fleece blanket? Choose a design of a powerful man flexing his arms and back muscles, shown down to the bottom of his waist, a buff and bronzed guy with six pack abs and stacked pecs looking down at his bulging bicep as he pumps a barbell, or a shirtless, dark-eyed heartthrob leaning against a wall, his jeans pulled down below the top of his briefs as he gazes at you with a come hither stare. You don't have to wait until you're in the bedroom to start being sexy.

Decorate your living room or any room with throw blankets showing something really erotic, such as a guy in a suit smoking a cigar with two beautiful women beside him, one in a tight dress and the other in lingerie. With our sexy blankets, you'll set a mood that will take your date right where you want to go.

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