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Rustic Blankets

Relax in the county with beautiful, custom rustic blankets. One of the featured blankets shows a vintage looking landscape with a small pond surrounded by trees and two wooden chairs sitting at the waters edge. Also step back into time with an old, worn down farm. In focused view is a vintage 1920s car that broke down long ago.

The yellow grass has grown up tall all the way around it. Sometimes less is more so try the rustic blankets with simple images such as one that features a plain, wooden floor or one that features the side of a log cabin. See many unique images of buildings that have long since passed their glory days such as the photo of an old, worn-down mill house.

The mill is out of commission and the wood on the building is worn and faded. Colorful orange and green, fall trees surround the property and a rushing river passes by and pools up before rushing over a waterfall. Enjoy the serene nature of a dated log cabin that sits along a large, snow topped mountain range.

Or bask in the beauty of a field that is filled entirely with bright orange and yellow flowers and surrounded by a wall of forest trees. Go for an artistic feel with your rustic blankets that have images like one that has an up-close shot of a bunch of rusted horseshoes piled up together. Take a walk down a mystical looking forest trail that winds through the tall, green trees and disappears into the distance.

Or you can go for a ride down a dirt trail in a mountainous region that goes through an old, enclosed wooden bridge and into the thick trees that hide it from view.

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