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Zombie Blankets

Our zombie blanket collection covers a wide range of quintessential Halloween imagery and ghoulish designs. These simple designs somehow pack all the typical spooky icons into a few images: a witch in her kitchen grabbing her potions with her black cat and a pumpkin at her side; or a worried ghost, a frog, and some newts hanging about on a full-moon night. 

Bring out your zombie blanket in the Fall and cozy up to it on your bed when the cool Fall breeze blows through your windows.  You can put your favorite spooky design on your bedroom blanket: from a dawn-to-dusk impression with delightful spooky pumpkins with devilish smiles, to a wild ghost freeing itself from a monstrous entrapment. 

Another way to use one of our zombie blankets is to bring it with you camping.  It's the perfect wrap for campfire circles and night-time mischief!

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