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Patterns Blankets

One of the benefits of purchasing patterns blankets is the ability to work with almost any room theme. The patterns in this category will provide your entire room with greater appeal. Do you like animal prints? The animal print theme of your room could use a blanket of nine different coats of animals, enclosed in a circle on a white background. Some of the animal prints included are the cheetah, snake, zebra, leopard, peacock, and more.

Or you may desire a camouflage throw, featuring colors like white, blue, and black, or the traditional green camouflage print may be more to your liking. If you like floral prints to match the theme of your room, check out our collection of floral blankets. Our collection features a variety of delicate floral pattern printed on different colored surfaces.

People who like to play around with geometric shapes and patterns will be delighted to know that we have an entire collection dedicated to it. They will come across prints such as multicolored diamond-shaped patterns.

Do you like plaid, polka dot, or striped patterned blankets? You can choose from a red and white checkered plaid blanket; a polka dot blanket, displaying large white polka dots on a light colored surface; and a striped blanket, displaying a close-up of white, blue, and yellow stripes. People going for a rustic theme should refer to our wood designs, displaying a close-up shot of a variety of different wood markings.

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