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Patterns Backdrops

One of the reasons why patterns remain popular with people is because they can go with almost any theme. Suppose the theme for your picture is a forest, you can depict it by displaying several prints of wild animals such as deadly snakes, speedy cheetahs, stunning peacocks, and gentle zebras as your backdrop.

Are you in the army? If your troop has come back to the United States to celebrate the holidays, you can take a picture in front of a blue, black, and white camouflage print. Families can use these backdrops to take fun-themed holiday pictures, which they can feature on greeting cards. If you decide to pose in front of the multicolored geometric print, made of beautiful and intricate patterns, you can wear clothing, resembling the backdrop.

Are you hosting a family reunion at the park? Send people a picture of your family, standing in front of a red and white checkered print that looks like a tablecloth you would spread on the picnic table. Do you want to tell everyone that you will not be home for the holidays? A neat way to do that is through the Hawaiian pattern, displaying a white floral pattern on a green background.

New moms or moms-to-be can stand with their partners before a green background with polka dots. If you want to send a wedding invitation to your family and friends, the delicate floral patterns will add a unique touch to your cards. Couples going for a creepy and scary themed wedding celebration can stand in front of the black wood backdrop.

Increase your business’ options and make it unique from the rest by having distinctive backdrop themes like a VisionBedding patterns backdrop. Your photo subjects will keep returning to your studio for photo shoots. Select your backdrop from over 300 patterns designs from VisionBedding’s website.

Purchasing a quality patterns backdrop is important for each professional studio because it helps create the theme and brings originality to images. In addition to the art of taking professional shots, customers will be coming back to your business because of the creativity of your process. VisonBedding.com’s backdrops are created from fabric so they are portable, stored with ease, and can be laundered when necessary. One can transport your background to the photo shoot you will be at as it is not heavy. We also have background stands with transporting cases.

With a one of a kind patterns event theme, your backdrop should really be different. When you have VisionBedding.com’s personalization option and choose to have your favorite picture repeated on the fabric or even upload one of your personal photos, you’re assured that no two backdrops are alike. The measurements of these backgrounds are additionally fully configurable so you can even provide your pattern backdrop even if your party space is tiny. You can additionally customize the type of your backdrop, choosing metal eyelets if you plan to hang it from hooks, or a firmly sewn-in pole pocket if you’ll be threading it onto a crossbar.

Backdrops are not used only for professional photography studios. You can hang some patterns backdrop on your wall to make a unique design piece for your living space or create a personalized business backdrop to display your logo. Get a VisionBedding.com backdrop for your next get together for a special photoshoot spot for your friends. Imagine a backyard barbecue transformed into a beach heaven by displaying a tropical backdrop photo. Your friends and family will rave over posing for many photos and selfies. Our backdrops are versatile and easily portable--display one anywhere for a quick decoration or instant enhancement for your images.

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