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Tattoo Blankets

From hardcore skulls to the most delicate flowers, our tattoo blankets feature all of the latest and vintage designs that people have loved enough to have permanently etched into their own flesh. Enjoy the provocative nature and renegade artistry of tattoos on woven blankets for your teenager's bedrooms, guest room or family room. Explore the mysteries and wonder of the ancient Mayan civilization of Mexico and Central America with our tattoo blankets. These fleece blankets are designed with sketches of pyramids, masks, geometric suns, animal gods and burial tombs drawn in a style that would also look incredible tattooed onto your shoulders or calves.

Next, add a throw blanket to your living room couch that conjures the adventures of the sea and foreign lands, with a tattoo pattern that has graced the arms of many sailors. Here a Chinese dragon is drawn with thin gray and black lines on white. Its snarling face is puffing out smoke and flames as its scaly body writhes over the woven blanket.

For your teens we have fleece blankets that portray the vivid colors that the high quality of modern tattoo ink employs. Your girl will adore a custom blanket that shows a butterfly painted from abstract splashes of blue, violet, purple, red and bright orange. The background is divided perfectly in half, with one side white and the other black.

Keep your youth eternal with the enduring feel of our tattoo blankets showcased in your bedroom. Go for a throw blanket that symbolizes passion and respect, as a mighty lions roars with his long mane flowing around his powerful head. This tattoo pattern is created with thick platinum lines on dark gray.

Continue to decorate your home with the patterns of the most intimate of art forms by also choosing our tattoo themed window curtains and pillows.

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