How to Choose Classy Bedding for Teen Girls

Is it finally time to retire the old princess bedspread? Finding nice bedding for teen girls can feel much easier said than done.

From neon pinks bright enough to make your eyes sore to overly frilly quilts, does it seem like none of the choices out there really suit your daughter and her unique style?

Shopping for bedding for teen girls doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can be a fun creative outlet for you to create something great together. In this article, we’ll give you tips to find the bedding of your daughter’s dreams!

1. Build a Style Board

The bedspread should suit the style of the room. A style board can help you decide exactly what this style will be. If you’re doing all the redecorating at once, you will have the freedom to create the room exactly as your daughter wants it.

You can create a cohesive style and mood by using a color and style scheme. This will make the bedding you buy feel perfect in the space.

An easy and fun way to plan out the new look is with a style board. Have your daughter put together a collection of images that reflect the style she wants for her room.

If you’re doing it old school, she can cut pictures and color swatches out of decorating magazines, and fabric and paint samples. Or, take it digital with online style board tools like Pinterest.

Style boards can still be useful even if you are not doing a full redecoration. For example, you could pin swatches showing the current paint colors of walls and furniture, and any fabric like curtains or cushions onto the board. This will help your daughter pick colors and patterns that will match with what she already has.

With a style board to guide your choices, you can streamline your search process. You already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, so you can target your bedding search. Even better, you’ll be able to design a room that is truly a reflection of your daughter’s personality.

2. Choose a Theme

After you’ve got your style board, you may be able to see the foundations of a design theme.

It can be fun to organize the room’s decor according to a theme that really suits your daughter’s interests.

Unicorn or mermaid theme are not only for kids. When used subtly, these will be a great theme for a teenager’s bedroom.

Does she love music? Why not frame posters from her favorite artists and choose a bedspread that picks up on the prominent colors.

Is she a sports fanatic? Use her favorite team colors for the walls and curtains, and hang memorabilia and trophies. Then, pick a custom bedspread with her team colors, or even a photo!

Girls Basketball Bedroom Decor

Designing around a theme can make the room more fun and uniquely hers. Check this post to get more bedroom ideas for teen girls.

3. Make Patterns Pop Alongside Solids

With so many cool patterns to pick from when it comes to bedding for teen girls as well as accent pillows, curtains, wall art, and furniture upholstery, it can be easy to pick too many.

While each pattern might look good separately, too many will feel chaotic and overwhelming. This isn’t a feeling you want in a place meant for sleeping!

On the other hand, being afraid to use patterns and bold colors can leave the room feeling bland and boring. You want it to reflect how dynamic your daughter is, and a bunch of neutral tones just won’t cut it.

Colorful Creative Bedroom Decor

Instead, pair patterns up with solid pieces. This will help balance the overall appearance.

The pattern should emphasize the centerpiece of the room, with everything else working around it.

For example, if you choose a patterned bedspread, picking some single color accent pillows that match the bedding’s color scheme can really make a pattern pop.

Or, if your daughter has fallen in love with a solid colored bedspread, patterned accent pillows can add some energy and playfulness.

Of course, you don’t need to stick with just one pattern. With careful planning, you can mix and match patterns in the room to create the perfect look. A great way to do this is with customizable decor, such as designing the perfect custom rug to match the bedding.

4. Balance Timeless Style With Passing Trends

When redesigning your daughter’s bedroom, you need to balance the desire to reflect current interests while still picking something that she will be happy with a few years from now.

The key to this is knowing what design elements can and can’t be swapped out.

Furniture, especially, is something that you likely won’t be changing. This is why it is so important to plan with a style board beforehand; you don’t want to pick a trendy piece that ends up not matching her changing sense of style.

Other things are more easy to keep updated. New wall art can completely change the feel of a room. Putting new covers on accent pillows can allow styles to change with the seasons; you can inexpensively create new looks.

When choosing bedding for teen girls, look for something that is versatile in appearance will give your daughter more freedom to update her room as her style changes.

5. Keep Things Cohesive With Bedding Sets

It can be hard to reign back a teenager when it comes to choosing new things for their room.

To make sure things stay under control when getting new bedding for teen girls, have them choose an entire bedding set.

This way, the sheets, pillows, and duvet or comforter will all go together perfectly. This will keep clashing to a minimum. Since you don’t have to worry about clashes between the sheets and duvet, you have more freedom to experiment with throw pillows and the rest of the room’s decor.

6. Go Bold With Bedding

While your own bedroom may use a more subdued color palette, teenagers tend to love to go bold. Bright colors make a room feel energetic and show off their creative side.

When picking bedding for teen girls, let them go as bold as they want. If anything, it is easy to make changes to existing features in the room to balance the boldness.

For example, a quick paint job can refresh a headboard. Using a neutral white or gray can complement a bold bedspread and keep it from being overwhelming.

7. Make Shared Rooms Work

When it comes to getting new bedding for teen girls who share a room, it doesn’t have to be a battle.

Having them build their style board together can help stop conflicts before they start. Compromise is everything; choosing bedding that clashes will mean neither of them are happy.

That still doesn’t mean they have to get the same thing!

Just like with matching patterns, have them get bedspreads that complement each other. This could mean picking up on the same color in both bedspreads or finding complementary patterns that they both love.

Or, go with bold solid colored bedspreads and let them personalize their beds through accent pillows.

To keep things from getting too crazy, try to keep the rest of the room neutral.

8. Buying Bedding for Teen Girls — Keep it Fun!

The most important thing to remember when buying bedding for teen girls is to make sure it is fun for both of you. The last thing that you want is for it to lead to stress or even fights.

Try to make the shopping and designing a creative outlet. Let her really express herself and work together to create something that she will really love.

You can even find crafty DIY decor ideas to keep the fun decorating mood going. You can create the perfect things to add flair to their room and match their new bedding.

And remember, while she might make design choices that you won’t agree with, at the end of the day, she will be the one sleeping in the room. Give her the freedom to tap into her creativity and flair for design.

You will be amazed by what she will come up with!


When it comes to bedding for teen girls, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Starting with a style board can give you direction in your design choices. You can build the exact mood and feel that your daughter would like to capture. This could even lend itself to a fun theme, with bedding to match!

Don’t be afraid to play with fun patterns and images. Just make sure to keep it grounded, whether that is with solid accents or neutral tones for furniture or walls. This can even work with shared rooms. You can say goodbye to boring matching sets for siblings!

Bedding sets will make matching a breeze, while cheap accent pieces will allow you to refresh the room time and time again.

With these tips, you can start your search for the perfect bedding for teen girls in your life. The decorating fun is just getting started!

Do you have questions about finding the perfect bedding, or how you can customize it to match your style ideas? Contact us today and get the custom bedding you have always wanted.