Diving Into Decorating A Mermaid Bedroom

Appearing in dusty old mythology books and playful Disney films, mermaids are a classic creature of the underwater world. Their long hair and colorful tails make them one of the most beloved mysteries of the sea. It’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped into a world of magic when surrounded by these beautiful creatures, so decorating a mermaid bedroom will definitely spark something new in your bedroom. This blog will show you some mermaid bedroom ideas to get started.

Purple Mermaid Bedroom


How To Decorate With Mermaid Decor

Decorating with mermaid decor usually means working with sparkles, shimmers, tails, and scales! There are also millions of underwater symbols and animals that mermaids are constantly seen interacting with. With so many different and amazing ways to create a sea-inspired paradise, your unique finished mermaid room will have you splashing to the surface with joy!

Blue Mermaid Room


One of the most prominent ways to make a statement with mermaid decor is to find furniture that is inspired by the sea. In this little ocean floor nook, the tail of the mermaid actually doubles as a bookshelf! Surrounding it, the starfish rug, seashell chair, and bubble light fixture are all also marvelous examples of how to use furniture that looks like things you might find in a real mermaid’s home. To top it off, the full mermaid wall mural of scales adds texture and volume, looking almost like the sparkling surface of the water would look from under the sea.

Awesome Mermaid Bedroom

Speaking of the texture that scales add to a room, you could even turn up the magic a little more by adding multi-colored mermaid scale patterns. The iridescent curtains on the window mimic the rainbow on the bedspread every time they hit the light, bringing out all the shimmer in this room!


Coral Mermaid Bedroom

As we swim back to the idea of using bigger sea-inspired furnishings to keep with the mermaid theme, there are many other creative ways to bring the underwater world to your bedroom. In this room, where the bed looks like a shell throne and bubbles with jellyfish hang from the ceiling, a fisherman’s net is strung across the wall for hanging pictures and starfish and most importantly, for filling it up with so many memories and shells that there’s no room left for a mermaid to get caught! The net even gives this mermaid room a bit of a boho look!

Fishing Out the Colors of Mermaids

Deep down below the water’s surface, there are awe-striking colors of all kinds that show up in shells, corals and especially mermaid tails! Since there is so much mermaid decor to choose from, it may be easier to start your mermaid room off with your favorite underwater colors.

Mermaid Themed Bedroom


Shell Bed Mermaid Bedroom

Often seen together glittering side by side on mermaid tails, pink and turquoise are two colors that will quickly turn your room into a mermaid’s favorite place to hide out. These two hues are also seen complementing each other in pale sunsets, turning the sky above the ocean into a cotton-candy masterpiece loved dearly by the mermaids of the sea.

Sea Enchantress Bedroom Theme

Gorgeous Mermaid Room

Mermaids were first introduced to the world through old mythological tales. Using dark greens and grays can bring to your bedroom the feel of ancient discoveries. A mural of a large ship eerily sailing through or an artistic window curtain of a mass of mermaid’s hair both add more intensity to a mermaid bedroom. These colors are perfect for the historians, the skeptics and the explorers who have their heart set on one day meeting with one of these sea creatures.

Mermaid Room In Indigo Hue

The same color as the skies and the water, blue decor can be found in all different shades.  The deeper into the water you go, the darker it gets, but having a rich blue mermaid scale comforter can remind you that you’ll find these half-woman half-fish creatures somewhere near the bottom.

Purple and Green Mermaid Bedroom


Alluring Mermaid Room

Purple, the color of beloved Princess Ariel’s top, matched with teal, the color of her tail, is an obvious choice for any playful mermaid-loving girl’s room. It simply needs some artistic wall decor, a fun starfish pillow, and a mermaid comforter to make it a true underwater hideaway.

Mermaid In Lace

A unique color palette, the nautical combination of scarlet and navy bring about a boating-at-sunset feel, inspiring sailors to look overboard in hopes of catching a glimpse of a mermaid. If they don’t see one, perhaps they’ll at least be lucky enough to see dolphins chasing the sunset in the distance, just like the visual on the mural.

Bedrooms For Mermaid Enthusiasts

Of all the mermaid lovers of the world, there are a few that would swim the extra mile just to catch sight of one of these rarities. If your magic and wonder for exploring the ocean floor is bubbling up, these are the mermaid bedroom ideas for you!

Stunning Mermaid Bedroom

This bright colored mermaid room showcases mermaids with different colored tails and a shimmery scaly bedding set. The purple and green paint on the walls immediately take you under the sea where it’s almost like your swimming right alongside Princess Ariel. For the little bit of extra magic, the bokeh-inspired mermaid window curtains mimic the sparkling water where the sun beams down, lighting up everything below with its glittering patches.

Blue Mermaid Bedroom

Magic at first sight, the sea-inspired mural and fairy lights beg you to trade your legs for a tail before entering this mermaid bedroom. The blue mermaid silhouettes on the bedding make it the main piece of decor and staying in this room long enough will have you humming the tune to the rest of the pillow’s “Part of Your World.”

Lovely Mermaid Room

This cartoon mermaid room is perfect for little sea divers with big imaginations. Rainbow curtains and multi-colored coral show off all the colors of the ocean floor. A beach mural on the wall seems to invite a swim down to join the mermaids below, like the one surrounded by fish on the mermaid bedding!

Getting Your Feet Wet

Working with the colors of sea life and mermaid decor, you can create the underwater paradise that your mermaid heart desires. These eccentric decor pieces even make perfect gifts, especially for little ones. Whether you love to watch them, study them, search for them or become one of them, a mermaid bedroom full of oceanic decor will remind you of what first sparked your interest. Don’t forget to include their shimmering scaly tail pattern in somewhere!

Underwater Paradise Bedroom