16 Dramatic Gothic Decor Ideas

Dramatic Goth Bedroom

Gothic decor is the perfect way to show off the unique loves and styles of all generations of goths. From iconic architecture and literature to heavy metal music to the lace and velvet ensembles, the gothic style is a one-of-a-kind style and stands out so prominently from the rest of the crowd. Using gothic decor is the best way to create rooms in your home that reflect the intensity of your gothic style. This blog will show you 16 bedrooms that show off the goth persona and give you starting points for designing your own.

Decorating with Gothic Decor

Because there are so many elements that can be used to put together a wholesome gothic ensemble, we’ve broken it down into a few key decor styles you can use to have your bedroom resembling the dark romance of goth culture.

Angel Gothic Bedroom Decor


Not only is the mural something you might find on the cover of an Evanescence album, but the idea of dark angels and wings is a common theme within both gothic interior and exterior design. However, if you’re more into the literature than the music, you may find this type of art to be reminiscent of the writings of Edgar Allen Poe who also often mentions angels. These fallen creatures bring a mysterious and dark presence to any gothic room, adding to the intensity of the design and they pair perfectly with other styles such as the lace patterned throw laying on the bed.


Black Gothic Bed


If you’re wanting to start redecorating your room while remaining frugal, one thing you can do to immediately give your bedroom a gothic makeover is to dip into some of your Halloween decorations. Common holiday decor like black cobwebs and iron coffins can double as gothic style decor. Some people even still add extra Gothic holiday decoration for Halloween and even on Christmas! In this room, the decor is what solidifies the theme because the bed is simply styled with a basic black and white bedding, which is also a good option for a less intense or more modern gothic room.


Dark Gothic Bedroom


Two popular elements that probably come to mind quickly when mentioning the gothic style are roses and skulls and this room uses both as main decor elements. When showing off the unique romanticism of something as dark as gothic style, thorned roses are an ideal addition to any goth space and look even more appropriate next to skulls. In color like the bedspread or in black and white like the mural, the pair brings an eerie feminine feel to the room.


Eerie Gothic Chamber


Speaking of colors, it is a common misconception that black is the only appropriate and defining color of gothic styles. However, a dark gothic color palette can bring personality to gothic decor and add character to a room that would otherwise look repetitive and dull. In fact, it’s even common to see a certain generation of goths with hair that is colored as well. Dark reds and cool colors such as green, blue and purple are all great choices for bringing a bit of vibrancy to a gothic room. This haunting purple room has many elements of a goth room such as a smoky mural of creatures dancing and a Gothic rug with a rose and still intertwines the royal feel of shades like plum and wine.

Using Gothic Components In Design

The wide range of things that can fall into the category of being gothic is large and includes things period of time in history, movies, architecture, literature, art, music, clothing, and philosophical ideas. Different generations of goths may also think differently about the gothic style as well. Here are some ways to incorporate the things that first sparked your love of gothic style.

Black And White Gothic Bedroom


Gothic Bed Structure


You can bring the middle ages right to your bedroom with decor that is reminiscent of pointed towers, intricate structures, stone carvings and statues like gargoyles. The dramatic cathedrals erected during this time are a defining element of gothic design. You can bring these constructions to your room through photos or wall like in the first room or go a step further and have a bed frame that is nothing short of a hollowed out basilica. There is no better way to show your appreciation for medieval exterior than by exhibiting it in your home with intricate decor.


Black And Pink Gothic Haven


Notable styles of gothic clothing include lace and velvet, both of which can double as bedspread fabrics whether you use the actual fabric or a photo of the texture printed onto cotton. This detailed pink lace gothic comforter is a stylish way to exhibit a well-known fabric in your gothic room while also using pink accents to really solidify the femininity of the design.


Gothic Romance Bedroom

Speaking of clothing, gothic style ensembles are also used as costumes because they tend to include some elements that could be seen as too outrageous or dramatic for the day-to-day dress code. The mural of the mask is not only beautiful wall art but is also reminiscent of an elegant medieval masquerade and may remind one of the dark romanticism of the Phantom of the Opera. Using masks as detail within gothic decor is another beautiful way to show off the unique style of goth clothing and the dramatic side of the dress choices.

Rooms For Gothic Enthusiasts

For experts on Gothic history, passionate cinematographers of horror films or even those who have followed the Gothic period all the way from its beginnings in the middle ages to its modern evolvement as a youth subcategory of punk rock, these rooms beautifully combine the most prominent elements of gothic decor to create rooms fit for those most enthusiastic about this unique style.

Luxurious Gothic Bedroom


This is a room bound to be found in a Gothic palace with its dim lighting and haunting bed curtains. The intricate furniture choices and the dark palette of red, ivory and black will have anyone who loves a luxurious take on gothic decor drooling over this interior.


Eerie Reed and Black Gothic Bedroom


This luxurious master suite is dark, mysterious and haunting in the most artistic way. The deep reds, eerie chandeliers, intricate curtains and tufted accent furniture all come together in this piece of gothic heaven. With the traditional patterns mixed into the carpet and wallpaper, walking into this room is like entering the chambers of a medieval castle.


Mysterious Gothic Bedroom Decor


From the artistic mural of a gothic interior to the gothic curtains to the lace comforter, this violet-detailed bedroom brings a softness to its decor using feminine details. Though it does take a step back from the intense darkness of most gothic decor choices, it beautifully incorporates details from gothic clothing, interior and patterns. All of these components paired with the purple detail on the ceiling make this bedroom a romantic choice for any evening.


Blue Gothic Bedroom


This medieval theater turned living room perfectly combines intensely detailed furniture with intimidating chandeliers all while leaving the stage curtains intact to bring the space an even more unique character. A set of perfectly hung curtains can instantly upgrade any room, but especially this palace-inspired space. The stylish gold detail on the pillows and blankets begs only royalty to take a seat of honor in this incredible gothic masterpiece of a room.

Dark Gothic Victorian Bedroom

Though we have provided you with many alternatives to the stereotypical black shades of gothic style, it is known as the main color choice for a reason. There is nothing more mysterious, dramatic, sleek and eye-catching than a marvelous piece of gothic black decor. This room combines black furniture, fabrics, details and art, while saving its contrasting white shade for the iconic candlesticks. To top it off, the art and carvings on the wall seem to have been pulled directly from the detailed ceilings of the most elaborate cathedrals, bringing together the most dramatic of all gothic rooms.

Bringing the Gothic Style to Your Room

Victorian Gothic Bedroom


Incorporating gothic decor in your room can show off your personal style and love of metal music, haunting novels, horror films or medieval history obsession. From using colors to shift a room to a gentler or more vibrant mood to creating a full-blown gothic queen’s chambers, the style choices are endless. Pull out your old Halloween decorations, pop in some old Marilyn Manson, rearrange your favorite dark colored decor and get started creating your bedroom today!


Medieval Gothic Bedroom