15 Slam Dunk Decor Ideas For Basketball Bedrooms

Kids Bedroom For Your Young Athlete


What once started as an off-season exercise involving athletes, a ball and a peach basket is now the beloved sport of basketball. The passion for this game runs deep with school leagues fighting for their district win while Olympic players prepare to face global teams. This blog will show you that basketball themed bedrooms are not only for kids but can also be for men’s bedroom. Read on to get an idea how to create the best basketball rooms for every player from first-year walk-ons to star guards.


Decorating With Basketball Themed Decor

The game itself is simple – two teams dribbling the ball across the court to their goal for points. However, there are many ways to bring the game to life in your room using basketball themed decor of all styles and colors.


Black And White Basketball Bedroom


Having a better play than the other team is arguably the best defense you can have against opposing players. These unique basketball window curtains showing drawn out plays on a court are hung up to remind guests that while basketball is fun, the strategies are serious and no ball gets brought to the hoop without a lot of thought behind how to get it there. It’s also the perfect addition to a black and white themed basketball room, bringing a sense of playfulness to a monotone palette.


Cute Basketball Bedroom For Girls


As with every team sport, the only difference between your jersey and everyone else’s is the name on the back. Personalizing your decor is another way to bring that team spirit into your bedroom while reminding you that no one could fill that spot or rock that shirt with your last name across the back. Nothing makes a room more personal than having your favorite decor monogrammed!


Official Women's Basketball Room


It’s an exciting time watching teams get new uniforms every now and then because while it doesn’t have much to do with a talent for the sport, it’s entertaining watching the different colors intertwine on the court. This retro basketball theme room uses bright colors and rainbow styles to bring a sense of happy energy into this room. While you might be a professional now, there was once a time when playing the sport was for no other purpose than just having fun, and a room full of stunning colors and graphics may help you remember.


Decor That Will Get The Coach’s Attention

With a few key pointers in mind for how to begin creating a basketball room, it’s also fun to dream up ways of making your bedroom not just stylish, but really unique. A big installation, a unique mural or a framed signed professional jersey you won at an auction are just a few ways you can take your room from a lay-up to a half-court swish.


Basketball Court Bedroom


While you may have logged hours and hours practicing shooting in the basketball goal outside, you can also log style points from bringing that basketball goal into your room as part of your decor. Although it may not work as a practical means of providing indoor shooting practice, having the goal installed in your room shows how serious you are about the game and adds a really unique piece of wall decor to your room.


Modern Basketball Room


One way to catch the eye of anyone who walks past is with three-dimensional artwork or fabrics. This 3d basketball bedding seems to literally jump right off of the fabric. Nothing says eye-catching like having your basketball decor look like it’s headed straight for you!


Often overlooked, lockers are a tool used by virtually every single player no matter the skill level. All basketball players are familiar with the locker room from getting pumped before a big game to decompressing after a hard practice. This room employs the goal decor above the bed but also takes the room a step further by setting up the locker furniture, which also doubles as extra storage space.


Girls Basketball Bedroom


A surefire way to have a unique, one-of-a-kind room that can’t be replicated by anyone else is to have photos of yourself on your wall. Having a few shots of yourself playing your heart printed on canvas or that photo of you right after winning your first championship on an oversized print can make your room extra unique. Choosing the right picture and having it where you can see it will serve as inspiration and motivation day after day to keep pushing towards all of your basketball dreams.


Street Basketball Bedroom


This cartoon-vibe, old school basketball bedroom starts out with the outdated Brooklyn jersey art printed on the comforter and is followed by retro colors and unique artworks and will appeal to teenagers. While this theme might make you want to jump into a video game, you can use basketball decor to put a fresh spin on any theme or style you like. Mixing this fun and intense sport with something unique like popular colors from the 80s will have you assured that your basketball room is so fresh and unlike anyone else’s.

Bedroom Ideas For Big League Aspirants

To all the district champions and players dreaming of a signing day with an NBA team, these rooms have you covered from ceiling to floor with the coolest basketball decor out there. You’ll feel just as motivated tucking yourself in at night as you do when you’re racing up and down the court. You put your all into this sport and your bedroom style should show off that fiery passion just as accurately.


Basketball In Action Room


This basketball cave rotates out orange and black, the colors of the famous ball, through murals, curtains, rugs, and the bedspread. The ball itself is seen represented through pillowcases, the side rug and in the canvas above the bed. Silhouettes of dribbling team members and artwork of players making jump shots, this room stylishly sticks to all the basics of the sport that would be nothing without the hard working athletes like you.


Blue and Gray Basketball Bedroom


Providing a unique, modern twist on a conventional basketball room, this clean room features shelving for basketball shoes and balls themselves. Behind the display is a wall vinyl of a basketball outline and even a goal to stick to some of the traditional basketball decor. Whether you use them to show off balls signed by professionals or you simply show off your cleanest Jordans, the shelving system is a perfect way to add another layer of basketball decor to your room.



Boys Basketball Bedroom


Running up and down the court is enough of a rush, but adding a cheering audience in the background can instantly take your adrenaline up a notch. This room’s intense photos and graphics of electric basketballs and a stadium waiting to see if the shot goes in all add to this room’s vibe of walking into the championship game every single time you get in your bed.


Cool Basketball Bedroom


Even small room decorating can lead to some of the most unique basketball rooms out there. Space doesn’t matter here with a goal on the wall, basketball furniture, and a basketball rug. Though the decor is simple, it all reveals this small room owner’s love for the game and goal of bringing it to life in any size space.



Play That Ball Basketball Room


This modern bedroom features the New York Knicks’s team colors and a ton of stylish decor to top it off. From the electric neon graphic on the canvas to the court displayed on the rug, unique elements come together to make this basketball room a fun and easy one to replicate. Even non-theme decor elements like the navy chevron curtain fit in perfectly, adding to the vibe of this stylish room.


Getting Ready For The Draft

Using these ideas and your own creativity to come up with a slam dunk worthy basketball bedroom will have you wanting to start redecorating in no time. Team members and guests will have no doubt that you’re serious about the game when they see your unique decor. Stay in the season all year round as you enjoy your favorite sports decor and stay inspired as it reminds you of all the possibility of the big league.


Basketball Room In Purple