Sports Themed Bedrooms

Rustic sports themed interior design with wooden wall and tennis decor. This sports bedroom has three tennis rackets hung on the wall and an abstract artwork hanging on the side of the bed.

Extreme sports themed bedroom ideas for kids. A unique kids bedroom decor with matching furniture including the racing car style bed and road-design ramp.

Bowling bedroom with a touch of vintage

This interior design is one of the most amazing sports bedroom ideas there is. There is a sports themed wall-sized graffiti in this bedroom wall that is perfect for kids and teens. Colors are painted on the ceiling that resembles a sky with lights under the bed.

Action packed football bedroom that exhibits different qualities of athletes.

A surfing themed bedroom in aquamarine with cool and artistic designs

If you are looking for a kids bedroom ideas who loves sports, this basketball bedroom with wall mural and a basketball hoop situated on the top of the bed. There are a lot of basketball decor products designed on this bedroom including the colors and patterns on the bed.

Colorful sports themed bedroom for kids. This baseball bedroom has mixed colors and an inspirational quote on the bedroom wall.

Focus on girl colors like pink and yellow as the color basis of your skateboard themed bedroom.

This is a sports bedroom that is also for music lovers! Life-size football player wall sticker is decorated on the bedroom walls together with football frames and framed varsity uniform and there is also a drum set for kids at the side of the bedroom.

A sports bedroom for girls. Most of the sports bedroom ideas are for boys, but this bedroom is totally for girls because of the colors and girly designs.

Orange bedroom with basketball patterns and designs

Vintage and poster-like rugby designs displayed on the bedroom decor products

Bright multi-colored shared cheerleading bedroom

Wooden bunk bed with baseball glove shaped bean bag

Red sports bedroom with hockey sticks headboard is a great way to decorate some sports themed bedroom.

Sports themed bedroom in hockey theme. This sports bedroom is in rustic style with hockey sticks placed on top of the bed. This bedroom can also be used as an inspiration even for an adult bedroom because of the colors that were used.

A sports bedroom for teens that has a soccer field wall-sized mural

A pink sports themed bedroom design full of ballerina artworks. This bedroom is one of the cool design ideas to incorporate artistry and passion.


Interior Designers Who Created A Sports Themed Room

Sports themed bedroom with football themed wall panel and a floor bed

If you are looking for some white bedroom ideas with a twist, this bedroom is a great example and inspiration. This bedroom is generally white in color but there is a green and blue color surfing wall art that serves as the accent of this bedroom

A sports bedroom with a simple design. The sports themed decor here is the basketball wall sticker in orange color.

Dallas Cowboys football themed teenage sports themed bedroom

Most of the sports bedroom ideas go for a skateboard bedroom. This sports bedroom has a bit of a minimal vibe when it comes to the furniture, but it has a great skateboard wall-sized wall mural.

A sports bedroom with a detailed ceiling. This is probably one of the unique football bedroom ideas there is. Football varsity uniform are painted on the sports themed bedroom walls and a colorful patched bedding are used as a design on this bedroom.

Sports themed interior design with rock climbing area and other sports incorporated in one bedroom design

One of the most popular sports bedroom ideas is to create a baseball bedroom design. This bedroom is decorated with green color baseball decor. This bedroom decor is a little extra because of the score board wall painting beside the pull out bed.

Sports themed room with an in-house mini golf area with faux grass and mini holes

Shared sports themed bedroom in basketball decor in striped walls and an NBA basketball player placed on the bedroom pillar.

Nautical sailing bedroom

Playful and fun football sports themed bedroom


Basketball Bedroom Look




Play That Ball Basketball Room




Gymnastics Room In Black And White




Blue Soccer Bedroom For Kids



Baseball artwork that displays three baseball on a red and white duvet cover

Basketball sketch design duvet cover

Two boxing gloves hitting each other displayed on a comforter

Two football players digital art on a black background bed sheet

Soccer ball in motion captured on a comforter

An image of different sports equipment displayed on a duvet cover

Red skateboard pattern on a white bed sheet

Colorful sports pattern bed sheet


Ballerina Bedroom


Window Treatments

Blue surfing pattern window curtain

Tennis stadium on a two panel window treatment

Black and white soccer pattern window valance

Orange window valance with tennis racket seamless pattern

Argyle pattern in blue, green and white window curtain

Blue window drapes with hockey player artwork

An image of an atv quad biker with dirt splashing on either sides of his bike displayed on a window valance


Floor Coverings

Colorful soccer seamless pattern on a plush rug

Little miss ballerina cartoon illustration on a lilac round rug

Cheerleading pompom pattern on a plush rug

Black and white ballerina pattern on a custom size floor mat

Ice skating shoes on a pink custom size floor rug

Monster truck cartoon design on a round rug

Black wakeboarder art on a blue and white round rug

Parachuting aerial view on a plush rug


Ballerina Bedroom




Bedroom for Dancers


Fleece And Throw Blankets

Motocross exhibition on a throw blanket

Hockey art logo of a lion holding a hockey stick on a fleece blanket

Man hunting birds in sunset displayed on a fleece blanket

Pink surfer art on a throw blanket

Polo vintage art throw blanket

Freestyle skiing blue artwork on a throw blanket

Rodeo pattern fleece blanket


Pillowcases And Throw Pillows

Archery word cloud on a pillow case

Red race car pillow sham

Red, white and blue cowboy throw pillow

Orange basketball court throw pillow

Surfing artwork with waves on a pillow case

Pair of figure skaters artwork pillow case

Golf ball in a golf course in sunset throw pillow


Hockey Themed Bedroom




Figure Skating Bedroom


Wall Art

Blue BMX art canvas wrap

Monochromatic ballerina canvas wrap

Purple disco dancing wall tapestry

Hockey player colorful artwork on a wall mural

Polo sport artwork canvas wrap

Pink cheer leaders silhouette wall mural

Ballerina artwork with American flag background on a wall tapestry


Bedroom Accessories

Black and white indoor basketball hoop

Baseball themed blue night light

Light fixture with billiard stick and balls design

Table lamp with different balls for different sports designed on the lamp’s body

2 piece set basketball designed chair and ottoman

2-piece set baseball glove chair and baseball ottoman

Wall hanging organizer designed as a basketball hoop


Rugby Bedroom Decor




Skateboard Bedroom For Girls




Skateboard Urban Bedroom




Surfer's Bedroom Look




Tennis Bedroom



Batter Up Bedroom




Hockey Stick Headboard




Tennis Wall Piece




Volleyball Bedroom




Sports Themed Bedroom




Cheerleading Wall Display




Skateboard Themed Bedroom




American Football Bedroom




Olympic Bedroom Decor




Bowling Themed Bedroom




Baseball Bedroom




Cheerleader Inspired Bedroom




Swimming Sports Bedroom




Golf Sport Inspired Room




Volleyball Sport Room




Softball Sport Bedroom




World Cup Sports Bedroom




American Football Bedroom