Colorful Bedroom Ideas

 Colorful Bedroom

Boho chic styled cheerful bedroom idea for girls with colorful bedroom decor and dark wall color. This bedroom has different colors splashed across the bedroom and the bedding has tassels, rattan furniture and macrame accessories which gives this bedroom a Bohemian look. This bedroom also has a wide open window that makes this bedroom bright even with dark walls.

This colorful bedroom has an African design because of the headboard, carpet and window curtains that are used.  This bedroom is also close to nature because of the plants displayed on the walls and hung from the ceiling. Blue bedding, brown throw with tassels and faux fur are also draped on the bed.

Bohemian vibe colorful bedroom bright decor with light color shades, white walls, red dream catcher placed above the bed, neutral macrame wall art, and square and circle cushions.

This eclectic colorful bedroom is perfect for kids or teenagers who love colors! Blue throw and bed frame with lights and colorful circles are displayed on a dark painted bedroom walls. There are different colors decorated across the bedroom. The macrame and rattan furniture and accessories, together with the pink beaded light fixture, creates a Boho touch.

White bedroom walls and curtains with light colorful bedding and a unique headboard that gives a beautiful iridescent glow.

Colorful bedroom, bright walls, mixed patterns and canopy bed with white drapes. These are some of the go-to designs in decorating a Bohemian bedroom look.

Hippie-style colorful bedroom bright purple walls and patterns everywhere will take you back to the seventies. Different colorful patterns on the bed such as stripes, polka dots and floral ones.

Tri-color blue, yellow and white bedroom idea with different classic styles such as polka dots, checkered, stripes and even floral wallpaper on the bedroom walls

Striped colorful bedroom walls with purple bedroom, accent throw pillow and bed runner, rustic wooden headboard, and a big open window and sheer curtains that made the bedroom bright. On the small balcony, you could also see a plain white bedding and pillows with striking colors.

Colorful bedroom in three-colored scheme – yellow, green and blue. This bedroom decor has light colorful shades that makes the color scheme serene and pleasing to look at. The bedroom is not overly decorated with yellow walls, green bed, blue chair and a mixture of the three colors for the bedroom accessories.

Colorful feminine bedroom idea in plum, gold and cream colors.

Colorful bedroom with a combination of purple, pink and blue. The walls of this bedroom has gorgeous abstract artwork decorated across this perfect bedroom for an artist.

A colorful bedroom filled with tropical beach designs to uniquely showcase a coastal bedroom ideas. Yellow painted walls and colorful and cheerful tropical bedroom designs on the bedroom products.

Pastel bedroom, bright colorful decor in different pastel colors. This bedroom has a color scheme of different pastel colors, to create a light and gorgeous bedroom look.

Colorful bedroom with retro themed designs. A mixture of colors and retro theme with orange, green and yellow decoration.

This bedroom displays colors everywhere. White and yellow striped floor rug, blue bedding, orange, pink and black pillows and colorful gallery wall.

The nightstands at the bed’s sides are in different colors. The other one is in green and yellow while the other one is white. The bed has different colors such as yellow, blue, violet, orange and green and turquoise walls.

Bedroom decor with mismatched patterns and colors such as red, yellow, blue, green and purple, as seen on the floor rug, bedding and throw pillows.

Calm and soothing colored bedroom with colorful decor accents such as throw pillows, blanket and bedding. This bedroom is simple and and serene with white decoration and colorful accents.

Colorful and cheerful bedroom decor made with rattan headboard, striped window curtains and bed highlights, pink blanket and colorful artwork displayed on the pillows.

A gorgeous and modern kids bedroom with a colorful wall mural with flowers and butterflies and the ceiling painted as the sky with glitters and sparkles on it. Pink bedding and plain white furniture are used to decorate this girl’s bedroom which is colorful but serene at the same time.

Color blue bedroom walls on this nursery with colorful patterns on the window valance and the carpet rug. This bedroom is gender neutral and could be an inspiration for a girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

A wonderful and unique way to decorate a vacation haven is with a dreamy canopy circular bed, colorful rugs and colorful throw pillows. The bedroom is an open space and rustic look and being in here would make you feel as relaxed as possible.

Shared kids bedroom in Boho style. Colorful canopy design attached at the top part of the yellow wall and, orange and pink bedding, colorful pillows,  purple padded headboard and wall sticker.

Colorful floral designs and vintage furniture make this bedroom a shabby chic room. Gold metal bed frame, white accent chair, blue wall and nightstand. Yellow floral curtains, quilted bedding and colorful bed set.

Cheerful and attractive floral bedroom. This bedroom has a color combination of pink, yellow, violet and white. This bold bedroom has floral artworks decorated in the cozy and plush bed and walls. White walls and nightstand are used to balance the bright colors used in this room.

Colorful stripes on a floor mat and a big floral wallpaper in the whole wall side on a shared kid’s bedroom.

A beautiful girl’s bedroom with an artistic floral wall mural. The unique statement of this girl’s bedroom is the chained hanging bed with white bedding and furniture and lovely chevron rug.

Strong and bold bedroom colors in gold, vintage furniture, and gold bedroom accessories give this room a regal touch.

Colorful bedroom is mostly used for girl’s bedroom, but boys can have it too if they want it. This bedroom decoration with colorful wavy mural with blue, red, orange, brown, yellow paint palette, bold red window curtains, deep blue bed and open space for a play area may be used for bedrooms for boys.

A colorful studio apartment designed with a mixture of colors. A small cabinet serves as the divider of the room. One side displays a home office and the other side shows a storage and organization area, though it may be designed as any part of a room.

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Interior Designers Who Made Colorful Bedrooms

Modern colorful bedroom decor with two big windows on either side of a colorful wall mural to make the bedroom bright. Purple bed runner on a classic white bedding, black nightstands and table and pink pillows and accent chair are some of the items used to decorate this artistic bedroom.

Colorful butterfly pattern wallpaper, blue and white window curtains, orange and yellow floral bedding and blue and pink designed pillow cases.

Fresh natural bedroom with bright color accents such as yellow, blue floral pillows, actual flowers on the bedside and white walls.

A master bedroom with dark colored walls and multi-colored and patterned floor-length window curtains. Blue and green throw pillows and pillow cases, gray bedding, and orange padded headboard are some of the items used in this bold bedroom.

Light colorful bedroom with colorful chevron carpet rug and white walls for a simple but artistic bedroom idea. The painting displayed in the middle of the bedroom serves as the bedroom’s highlight

White bedroom decor with colorful wall design and bright violet rug. Floral design light fixture and gold metal bed frame are used in this bedroom to give it modern and industrial look while still having a feminine touch.

Colorful bedroom in Earth tones and mixed colorful bedroom patterns. A bedroom with wide space and artwork decorated on the walls and there is a window in the ceiling overlooking the sky. The whole side of this room has a book shelf with a lot of books. There are no window curtains and plants are decorated in this room to make this bedroom bright.

A colorful room with monochromatic wall mural and bright colored decoration. Pink ottoman and chair, and blue table lamps are seen in this decoration.

Colorful bedroom with multi-colored bed fabrics and abstract artworks hung on the bedroom walls

Red orange room walls, gray sofa, blue accent chair and yellow ottoman that also serves as the center table.

A beautiful posh bedroom made by this interior designer with rustic walls and flooring, and brown, white and black seating area. Brown bed with brown bedding in different shades and pillowcases in a different brown shade. Beautiful artwork wall art and wall mural, gold nightstands and table lamps, gray faux fur

Purple and white bedroom with colorful bedroom accent light fixture. A fun bedroom with violet bed frame, matching night stand and modern style hammock. White fur carpet rug, colorful ottoman, colorful light, and colorful and patterned bedding.

This room has a colorful boho decoration. A hanging chair, black and white rug, blue sofa, orange chair, yellow and colorful gallery wall art, green ottoman and plants inside this room design.

An interior designer based in the USA created a colorful bedroom with colorful rug, blue accent chair, blue floor length window curtain in a different shade and an artwork hung in the bedroom corner.

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Colorful Bedroom For Teenager



Different feathers in different colors on a blue background comforter

Colorful geometric pattern bed sheet

Colorful paint lines on a duvet cover

Colorful smoke design on a plain white duvet cover

Colorful abstract design duvet cover

Abstract design in pink and yellow shades on a comforter

Colorful portrait art on a duvet cover

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Window Treatments

Colorful vertical brush strokes on a window valance

Actual Melbourne street graffiti walls on a two panel window curtain

Colorful geometric window valance

Colorful smoke displayed on a window treatment

Colorful urban design with a man jumping on a window drapes

Ornamental pattern in red, blue, green and yellow on a window valance

Deer painting on a window curtain

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Colorful Boho Look


Floor Coverings

An artwork of skyscrapers on a plush rug

Street design of colorful umbrellas on a plush rug

Raccoon painting on a round rug

Vibrant music art on a custom sized floor mat

Collage of newspaper and magazine cut outs on a round rug

Colorful street art on a plush rug

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Fleece And Throw Blankets

Group of koi pictured on a black fleece blanket

Different colors of a flower with a purple toned image on a fleece blanket

Pastel blue and pink abstract design on a throw blanket

Design with a robot-like subject and colorful abstract lines on a fleece blanket

Colorful tropical digital art on a throw blanket

Colorful graffiti style with the word “Artist” in the middle on a fleece blanket

Colorful grunge brick walls on a throw blanket

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Colorful Chic Bedroom



Wall Art

Colorful oil painting of a girl’s lower face wall art idea

Colorful avante garde makeup on a canvas wrap

Colorful abstract with eyes on a large wall tapestry

Colorful painting of an eye wall mural

Colorful dog vector on a canvas wrap

Oil painting of autumn trees on a canvas wrap

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Pillowcases And Throw Pillows

Colorful ornamental throw pillow

Colorful digital artwork of a dog on a throw pillow

Colorful abstract design on a pillowcase

Dark multi-colored floral design on a pillow case

Colorful polka dot throw pillow

Pastel colored holographic pillow case

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Cute Colorful Bedroom


Bedroom Furniture

Nine-drawer wooden bedroom chest with colorful drawers for a Boho or colorful bedroom

Colorful wooden bedroom cabinet with orange, red, pink and yellow drawers and Indian style

A light beach palette wood cabinet for a coastal bedroom accent

A gorgeous gradient color vanity desk with seven drawers that can be placed in a Boho themed colorful bedroom, office and living room.

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Bedroom Accessories

Light color five drawer plastic organizer in colorful pastel shades.

Colorful chandelier with playful modern mid-century vibes with six eyeball shades in six different colors. The style of this light fixture looks like a solar system with different color per ball. This light can be one of the accents of any rooms and bedrooms.

Light fixture that shows colorful individual handblown balloon shaped pieces, individually attached to a metal frame. Each balloon shapes has a different color that would cast different colors when turned on.

Dazzling multicolored glass mosaic wall mirror that can be placed not only inside the bedroom but also as a bold statement in any part of the house.

Kaleidoscope-like geometric patterned pouf. The usual favorite when it comes to decorating a kid’s bedroom. Each triangular pattern has a different color which makes the whole design look like a Kaleidoscope.

Blue upholstered bench with a plush, pillow-top cushion atop a handsomely upholstered platform that could be a bold statement in any eclectic bedrooms

Multi-colored blocked canvas bean bag in yellow, violet, red and green.

Tufted statement chair with multi-colored floral design that may serve as the accent of a dull bedroom

Wood organizer with twelve colorful plastic boxes in red, green, blue and yellow

Multi-color stained glass table lamp. This lamp has colorful circular design.

Colorful silk embroidered Bohemian bed canopy

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Iridescent Bedroom





Colorful Beach Bedroom






Colorful Gymnastics Bedroom






Colorful Horse Bedroom






Colorful Soccer Bedroom






Creative Bedroom Look






Bright Colorful Bedroom






Colorful Retro Room





Jazzy Bedroom






Colorful Eclectic Room Design






Colorful Circles Room






Sweet Colorful Room






Colorful Artsy Bedroom






Colorful Pastel Room