Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedrooms

This pink and gold girls bedroom decor is perfect for girls because of its soft shade. This girls bedroom has sheer yellow window curtains, a hanging chair and a delicate pink hue for the room walls.

The room walls of this girl’s bedroom is in soft lilac with white furniture.

If you want to save space for your two daughters who share a room, try using bunk beds. This shared girls bedroom has a double bunk bed, a vanity dresser, a sofa and there is still a lot of space for them to put some decoration.

There are a lot of girls bedroom ideas in the internet, but this girls room decor is something that you would remember. A leafy wallpaper on one bedroom wall and a white teepee for a girl’s reading or play area. This gorgeous bedroom design is also an interior grown ups would love

Maximize the small room by placing an alcove bed, instead of a regular bed, for your little girl. You could also place her toys and her play area inside her room.

This girl’s bedroom design is perfect for a fashionista. This can be a room not only for a girl but also for teens and adult

Upon checking other girls bedroom ideas, this storage and organizer truly is one of a kind! The ferris wheel storage not only create a neat room, but it also became the focal point of the room.

When creating a girl’s bedroom, black is not a go-to color, but this black floral wallpaper creates a whimsical effect in this room.

Do not settle for one color for your girl’s room walls. Check out this pastel ombre walls of pink and yellow. The bed frame is also in pastel green and light yellow bedding

This girls bedroom design may be simply white, but the decor used in this room radiates luxury and comfort.

Level up your girls room decor by creating a story from her room theme. An idea to do it is by painting a wall mural. This shared room for girls has a mural the size of the whole bedroom wall with two poster bed that has vines decorated on top of it.

Distressed furniture isn’t just for adults – it could also be used for kids. Paint the distressed furniture with the favorite color of your girl and partner it with wall stickers or mural

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Interior Designers Who Created Bedrooms For Girls

French country style is also one of the girls bedroom ideas that is popular nowadays. The femininity of the colors and tassels on this bedroom decor makes this room so pleasing to look at

Girl’s room with white room design and green accent that can be seen on the bedroom walls stickers. The mint green accent can also be seen on the bedding, throw pillows on the day bed and the study chair. The center of attention of this room is the hammock placed at the foot of the bed

If this is the bedroom of your daughter, girls of any age will be jealous! There is a lavish and vintage touch in this blue and fuchsia themed bedroom

A simple white and gold bedroom design for a girl with polka dot wallpaper

Stir away from the soft shades and be bold with striking colors.

Have a tea party with your child inside her room as shown in this room corner.

This girl’s bedroom looks like it came out of a fairy tale book. The top part of the window is padded where the window curtain is coming from and it looks like a princess carriage. Vintage furniture are used in this bedroom decor with ruffled bedding and a carousel life size wall sticker

Wallpaper is not only for walls but also for ceiling. This is what the interior designer did in this little girl’s room. The white bedroom walls is in contrast with the red and black ceiling pattern which your daughter can stare at while laying on the poster bed.

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Castle Theme


Pink and Gold


Bedroom Furniture

Make your daughter feel like royalty with this pink carriage bed

Rattan-made bed for kids

Metal poster bed in color pink

White low loft bed with bookcase and drawer

Wall cabinet with two storage bins and drawer

Pink wooden single drawer with seven organizers

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Bedroom Accessories

Pink and gold study chair

Tea party set with tables, chairs and tea set

White wooden storage frame with pink baskets for organization

Pink indoor teepee play tent

Luxury-looking chandelier light in pink crystal design

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