Creating A Tennis Themed Room For A Wimbledon Fan

The Wimbledon tournament in London is one of the most revered tournaments for professional tennis players.  It is a pastime with style, grace and great competition.  Wimbledon athletes compete for the honored champion title, amateurs watch with awe at the tennis pros, while tennis lovers watch with adoration of the lush green courts, the styles of the English fans and the manners of the athletes.  The events classic style has made it not only a tournament for tennis fans, but an event for fashionistas as well.

Taking place every year in June and July, it is something for fans to look forward to as game after game is televised.  Year after year fans have watched Venus & Serena Williams and Roger Federer in awe as fierce competitors always at the top of their games.  Aspiring athletes watch their every move hoping to pick up tips from their games.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, or simply an admiring fan, modeling your styles after this tournament is a great idea.  We take it a step further and show you how to model a bedroom after a Wimbledon theme.

English tennis styles

Played on grass courts, the players are always decked out in pristine white.  The men in white sport polos and white shorts, while the women in white tennis dresses.  Although the athletes are limited to one color, they’ve gotten creative and made fashion statements throughout the years.

However, the fans have many more options with their dress styles than the athletes, and there are real fashion moguls in the stands that will draw your eye.  British royalty will be in attendance dawning their very best classic tennis outfits, while celebrities will go further to draw the cameras eye.

You’ll see classic styled patterns like argyle and houndstooth in most of tennis bedroom ideas.  The colors will be classic as well: navy, white, red to name a few.  If you want your fashion sense to be taken seriously, you won’t be seen in neon pinks, oranges and purples- and you won’t decorate your tennis themed bedroom in these colors either.

Wimbledon Style Room For Adults

Keep everything simple: an argyle bedspread adorned with navy and white pillows.  On the walls, you can capture memorable tennis photographs in black and white.  Or try canvas art with tennis rackets and tennis ball – but did you know at VisionBedding you can change the colors of the design to match the colors of the room?  Use the pantone number to get it perfect.  Keep the window curtains simple white as well, but purchase black out shades since white doesn’t keep much light out.

Tennis Themed Child’s Room

Does your daughter aspire to be a pro tennis player?  For your children, you could choose simple tennis ball patterns on a duvet cover, and word cloud designs on pillows.  Paint the walls bright green to match the green grass courts, and then put up canvases of tennis courts, tennis rackets and tennis ball.  Finish off the room with window curtains of a silhouette of a tennis player.

Custom Tennis Decor

Now, possibly you want to keep the theme of your bedroom design as is and are not ready for a full room makeover.  No problem.  A custom tennis bedding with a neat tennis design plus your name on it will be perfect.  Huddle up on the couch while watching you favorite players in the morning with your coffee and comfy tennis themed bedding or throw blanket.

Or, are you a fan but want something even more simple?  How about a custom tennis towel and bedding set with your name on it to bring to the courts on how summer days?  We find this a perfect gift for the aspiring athlete.  You can use our search bar to help find the exact design you want, or go to the sports themed category.

Have any questions on a design?  Ask us, we’d love to help.