Coastal Decor: 15 Breezy Beach Themed Bedding Tips

Nothing says calm, relaxation, and tranquility quite like the beach.

Thus, it’s no wonder why beach themed bedding is such a popular choice among homeowners.

Adding the coastal style to your bedroom decor is a trend that couldn’t be hotter right now.

Arguably nowhere is this flair more appropriate or inviting than in your themed bedroom, where everything, from bed skirts to pillowcases, is a blank canvas for serenity.

Today, we’re taking a look at 15 tips and coastal bedroom ideas to help transform your sleeping space from bland to beachy. When we’re done, you’ll swear you can feel the sand between your toes!

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

1. Let the Neutrals of Nature Inspire You

Close your eyes for a second and imagine you’re standing in front of the ocean and chilling in your beach house. Feel the salt spray on your cheeks and the sun on your shoulders from coastal themed bedrooms.

What colors do you visualize? Chances are, shades of blue, teal, and white are somewhere in your imaginary daydream.

When choosing your coastal style themed bedroom, look for sets or separates in those shades. Doing so will help you mimic the scenery of your favorite beach house paradise.

2. But Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Color

Like your favorite little seaside shack or your dream Jamaican getaway, beachy also means colorful!

Though your palette may center on sea-toned neutrals when your designing beach themed bedding, don’t be afraid to inject a punch or two of happy, playful colors to give the space some personality.


Vibrant Beach Bedroom


Colorful Beach Bedroom


Need inspiration for some cute colors that look especially good when paired with coastal green and blue color scheme? Try bright yellow, green, or even pink as a complement.

The key is to add the color in subtlely, so think throw pillows, blankets, or a sweet, scalloped dust ruffle. All are little touches that really deliver!

3. Keep It Light and Airy

Beach themed bedding should feel as soft and as light as the beach itself.

As you dive into it each evening and wake from it in the morning, it should be fresh and soft against your skin.

As such, duvet covers and comforters that are comprised of a lightweight material, such as linen, are likely to elicit that same feeling.

Compared to heavier materials such as polyester, these are breathable and airy. Another upside? Linen naturally has microscopic breaks that gently massage your skin as you lie against it, promoting relaxation.

4. Sleep Under a Picture of Paradise

Want to take a more direct approach to designing your beach themed bedding?

Consider how it would feel to snuggle in under a picture of a seaside sunset.

To literally bring the beach to your bedroom design, one method is to look for bedding that’s printed with a picture of the ocean or a beach house.


Breezy Bedroom Idea

You can opt to print one of your own favorite pictures that you’ve taken or choose from stock photos optimized for this type of use. Either way, it’s a surefire way to introduce some seriously beachy fun.

This way, you won’t have to imagine that you’re at the beach — you can just look down at your covers and you’ll already be there.

5. Let Your Headboard Play a Starring Role

From oversized starfish to surfboards, the possibilities for transforming your headboard are virtually endless.

Rather than affixing any items onto the headboard itself, think of the space above your headboard as the real opportunity. This also makes it easier for those who don’t have a traditional headboard.

Use that space to really set the tone for the rest of your bedding.

Are you trying to create a more playful, shipwrecked vibe? If so, you may want to consider hanging netting around that space, filled with some of your favorite items (an especially sweet touch in a child’s bedroom).

Or, if you’d like to take a more elegant approach, some beach-themed window curtains, or some beautifully arranged shells, are always a classic touch.

6. Layer Up

Thanks to gentle breezes and maritime climates, the beach can be sunny one minute and stormy the next.

You can mimic this within your bedroom by layering your bedding, starting with your sheets and adding comforters, blankets, throws, and more.

A handy, soft throw in a material such as chenille that hangs gently off the corner of your bed says that even if rain cloud rolls around, you’re still safe and warm.

The key to keeping that beachy-fresh vibe even with so much overlapping going on? Remember Tip #3.

Keeping all materials on the lightweight side can keep your beach themed bedroom from looking and feeling too stuffy.

7. Don’t Forget Your Bedskirt

Many homeowners opt to find beachy bedroom bedding in shades of blue, green, and white (see Tip #1).

As such, you can think of the pieces on the top of the bed, such as your shams, sheets, and comforters, as the ocean.

What color, then, is the natural pick for the bed skirt? Neutral brown, of course, to mimic the shade of the sand!

Keeping the brown tones on the bottom enhances neutrality while also allowing one’s eye to naturally flow downward when surveying the room.

8. Ruffles Are Your Friend

Perhaps nowhere in the world can romance be found more freely than at the beach.

And what’s one of the most romantic, feminine touches you can add to your beach themed bedroom? Ruffles!

From dust ruffle bed skirts to ruffle-fringed shams and comforters, you can’t go wrong with this sweet touch.

As the fabric curls back and forth, it mimics the shape and movement of the waves, inviting you to jump right in and set sail.

9. Lace is a Classic Touch

Similar to ruffles, lace adds a delicate touch to bedding that enhances a beach themed scene.

The key to keeping the lace classy and not ending up with a bedroom that looks like your great-grandmother’s (though vintage decor has never been hotter)?

Keep the lace touches minimal, and concentrate them where they’ll have the most dramatic impact.

A great place to start? Lace-edged pillowcases are pretty without being too precious, and small enough to blend into your bedding without causing a scene.

10. Introduce Pattern Subtly

If you’re looking for a subtle way to upgrade your beach themed bedding, look for comforters that feature designs mirroring the seaside.

Common patterns include sea reefs, coral, starfish, and even simple geometric swirls that bring to mind the ebb and flow of the ocean.

This is a great way to add some texture and color to your bedding without going over the top. These designs are typically monochromatic or are created with just a few soft tones, with a focus more on the design itself rather than the color scheme.

This also allows you to play with other bedding feature, such as your shams, to create a cohesive theme that pulls every element together.

11. Incorporate Pillows that Talk

Today, pillows with words on them are a dime a dozen.

What sets beach themed bedding apart, however, is that these lettered pillows can usually be found in tasteful, neutral tones. They’re designed to blend in with your other throw pillows without making too big of a statement.

From a big one that says “Love You to the Beach and Back” to a set of three smaller ones that say “Sand” “Surf” and “Sun” collectively, there’s plenty to pick from.

So enjoy the search and land on the few that speak directly to you!

12. Play with Texture

A piece of coral that washes up ashore might not make the best pillow.

Yet, what about a fringed pillow that mimics the shape and color of that sea coral? Now, we’re talking!

When creating your perfect beach themed bedding structure, don’t forget to look for accents softly textured to look like items you’d find along the shoreline.

Rouched ones can be made to look like rows of clouds, for instance, while suede and velvet ones are as soft as the smooth sand at daybreak.

13. Stripes are Always Nautical

Want to add a beachy touch but aren’t too sure about patterns? Or are you tired of all the solid options you’re running into?

If so, consider beach themed bedding that incorporates stripes instead. The look couldn’t be more classic and instantly evokes a feeling of being at the sea.

Whether you opt for a neutral tone, such as light tan, against an all-white comforter, or choose a brighter scheme, such as seafoam green against a blue background, you can’t go wrong with this standard.


Exhilarating Beach Bedroom

14. Pack on the Pillows

Sure, a clean-lined bed with minimal pillows does conjure up a certain level of beachy calm.

Yet, as you complete your beach bedroom it’s a good idea to stock up on the pillows.

Doing so can make your bed look inviting and plush, and allows you plenty of opportunities for your personality to shine through.

An added bonus? They encourage snuggling! And as research reveals, snuggling is good for our health, we’ll take any reason we can find to instigate it.

15. Spritz on the Sea

Before you drift off into dreamland, give your bedding a few spritzes of a seaside-inspired linen spray.

Doing so won’t magically transport you back to a beach house, but it can help you remember just why you opted for beach themed bedding in the first place.

Science shows that our sense of smell is more closely linked to memory than any of our other senses. So the fastest way to stir up your favorite memories of the beach? By inhaling a scent that takes you there.

Look for ones infused with notes eucalyptus, mandarin, rose, mango, jasmine, or lemon. These are all like the beach in a bottle!

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