How to Layer and Style Bedding Like a Pro

If your bed isn’t comfortable, you aren’t living life to the fullest. Unwinding in your bedroom after a long day is one of the joys of life.

Having proper bedding for your mattress is essential for the comfort and style you deserve. You shouldn’t have to go to a motel to experience an amazing night of sleep!

Bedding serves a multitude of purposes, but comfort is its primary purpose. If you are comfortable, you will sleep better, wake up refreshed and be ready to take on the day.

The appearance of your bed is also important. How your bed looks can put your mind into a relaxed state and prepare it for rest.

If you have guests over and present them with a well-kept and organized bed, they will view you in a more positive light.

If you have a messy bed and a lot of aimless clutter people’s first impression will likely be negative, even though messiness is not a signifier for negative traits.

With our help, you won’t have to worry about any of this. We will help you layer and style your bedding like a pro. We would like to warn you, however, that we cannot be held responsible if you decide to never leave your bed again!

Figure Out Your Bedroom’s Purpose

Perhaps you view your bedroom as a way to escape the outside world, using it for rest and rejuvenation.

You might see things another way, thinking of your bedroom as a social center where you can have guests over in a private, intimate setting. This is usually the preference for teens and younger people.

How you use your room will dictate the color scheme and design of your bedding. A minimalist approach is an excellent option if you are seeking a place of serene solitude.

Brighter colors are perfect for having friends over. According to research, different colors evoke different emotions. Some tones are more inviting and will feel more welcoming to your guests.

Your room’s purpose also determines the placement and size of the bed, which is often overlooked. Having your bed in the center of your room or in a corner will dictate what you can do with your bedding.

Plan ahead. Take a day to decide what purpose you want your bedroom to serve and organize it accordingly.

It All Starts with the Sheets

When it comes to sheets, you want them to be manageable. Going with crisp white sheets is always a safe bet for easy maintenance.

Not only do these sheets look crisp and clean, but they will also allow you to add color later. You won’t have to worry about your sheets “clashing” with the rest of your bedding.

Below are some other are other factors to consider before selecting your sheets:

Fiber Content

It’s important to know the fiber content of your sheets. Egyptian cotton is a great choice for those seeking comfort and ease of maintenance. If you live in a hotter climate, however, you might prefer linen sheets because they wick away moisture.

Maintaining linen can be difficult due to its tendency to wrinkle easily. Consider this if upkeep is a concern.

Thread Count

Generally, the higher the thread count the better, but higher counts are more expensive. Try to get sheets within your budget with the highest thread count possible.

For all intents and purposes, a thread count of 400-500 is perfectly fine. You would be hard-pressed to tell a discernable difference between sheets with a higher thread count and those in this range.

Types of Fabric

If you prefer a crisp feeling, percale is the way to go, whereas sateen is your best option if you desire something silkier. One option isn’t better than the other, it just depends on your preference.

If allergies are a concern for you and your family, you can alleviate this problem by getting hypo-allergenic sheets. Organic cotton and silk are great options for resisting pet dander, dust, and mold.

Get a Quilt

For extra comfort and a look that says, “a great designer sleeps here,” you should get a quilt.

Quilts are great for adding colorful layers to your bedding without taking away from the overall picture. You want your quilt to be complementary and not a dominate stand-alone piece.

There are things to consider before picking out a quilt. Determine what style you want. There are different types of patterns and fabrics used to make quilts, giving you an array of possibilities.

Whether you want a solid color or something more eccentric, there are plenty of options for you. The only limit is your imagination.


Are you going to use your quilt primarily for warmth or decoration? If you’re in a colder region, get a thicker quilt. You’ll be thankful for this in January.

If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll probably not use it to cover up at night. Instead, fold it into thirds and place it towards the end of your bed as an accent piece. It will look great and be readily available if you need it.

Your Duvet

Having a queen-sized duvet doesn’t mean you should fill it with a queen sized comforter. You’ll want to get a comforter a few inches bigger than your duvet to give it a full, fluffy feeling.

Your duvet should also give balance to your bedding. If your quilt is a solid color, go bold and get a patterned design. If your quilt is colorful, go for a simpler duvet cover.

Consider making your duvet a size bigger than your bed. If you have a queen sized mattress, get a king sized duvet. This gives you extra room so you can snuggle up into it.

Find a Duvet With the Right Tog

The tog is a measure of a duvet’s thermal insulation.

Decide if your duvet will be used for warmth or comfort. Look for a tog number that matches your climate. A low tog number means that the duvet is lightweight, whereas a high number means it’s heavier and warmer.

The highest is a 13.5 tog. This is actually two duvets in one piece, one with a higher tog and one lower one. Since you can separate them, this is the best bet if you live somewhere with a frequently changing climate.

Use Pillows to Make Your Bedding Look Inviting

Pillows add layers to your bedding, making it an inviting space with plenty of plush. This, like all other things, is a matter of personal preference.

We prefer a lot of pillows. We can’t get enough of them because they can be used in several ways.

If you have a sore back, you can place one under it for extra comfort. Pillows can also be used to elevate your feet or your head. They can even be held on to while watching a scary movie or crying over your favorite television character’s demise.

The more pillows the merrier. Worst case, you will have some extra ones that you can swap out occasionally to fight off the dreaded “flat pillow” curse.

Pillow Shams

Make sure you get the right insert for your pillow sham. It makes them more comfortable, and it also looks messy if an insert isn’t filling your sham properly.

Generally, you will want to match euro shams to your quilt and standard or king sized pillows to your duvet. There really isn’t any rules. What you like is all that matters, so if you want to go wild, have at it!

Throw Pillows

Don’t forget throw pillows! They are not only a great way to add variety to your bedding but they add an extra layer and look fantastic if placed properly.

One method is placing them at the top of the bed where your regular pillows are. You can also place throw pillows at the end or anywhere else you want them. You can even use them for seating if you have more guests than chairs.

Your Floor Needs Love Too!

When designing and layering your bed, don’t forget the floor.

It’s not just the top of the bed that matters, it’s the enormous space underneath it as well. There are things you can do to with this area to make it look like a professional did your bedding.


Placing a rug underneath your bed gives the area a luxurious look and gives your feet a soft, warm place to land when you wake up on a cold morning.

A rug will not only add color to your bedding but the entire room as well. Rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you endless options to personalize the style of your room.

Rugs also lessen noise. If you live in an apartment and your downstairs neighbor has a loud television, a rug will help filter out some of the noise while you sleep.

This also applies in reverse. If your children like to jump on the bed, a rug will help control the amount of noise your downstairs neighbor will hear.

Use Empty Space for Storage

Adding storage containers under your bed puts that empty space to work and will eliminate clutter from around your home. Items that you need immediate access to will always be accessible throughout the night.

These containers come in a variety of styles, allowing you to customize the appearance of this area. You could also get containers that will slide completely under your bedding, making them virtually invisible.

Wanna Take Your Bedding to the Next Level of Style and Comfort?

If you want to take your layering and styling abilities to the next level, here are some tips to make the space around your bed more stylish.

Make a DIY Canopy Bed

Get curtain rods and install them on your ceiling, and pick out a fabric design you like. Hang the fabric on the curtain rods, and you’ve got a canopy bed!

This is a great touch for anyone that wants their bed to stand out and be the centerpiece of their room. It can also make you feel more secure by blocking out the world around you.

If you have a bedroom that has a lot of distractions in it, we would highly recommend setting up a canopy as part of your bedding. Doing this will help your brain relax and focus on sleep.


To improve upon to the atmosphere of your bedroom you should get new window curtains.

Properly fitted curtains will keep outside light from coming into your room and helps to eliminate exterior noise. They also add personality to your space.

Matching your curtains isn’t just aesthetically appealing: It gives your brain continuity.

The human brain is constantly looking for patterns. When patterns are broken, it searches for answers on why that is without you realizing it. Give your brain comfort and it will reward you with increased relaxation and better sleep.

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