Decorating Ideas for a Shark Week Fanatic

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is coming in only 7 days… do you look forward to this week all year? You dream of the big whites and are fascinated by how they live and their massive strength.

If you love shark week, you also know that these great whites don’t have to be feared as much as they are. Great studies of shark behavior have started to understand their behavior and educate the world on their findings, so now you know your awe of these creatures is not without merit.

Or even more intriguing is the latest knowledge on how orcas are hunting great whites– it’s crazy to think that the most feared animal of the sea has something even greater to fear itself.

If you love sharks this much, did you know you can decorate your home with shark bedroom decor? Sharks are not typically found on home decor items in big box stores, but at VisionBedding, you can find these unique items. Let us give you a few tips and shark bedroom ideas to display in your home. We’ll break it down into designing for kids and then for adults.

A Shark Themed Room for Kids

Shark Bedroom For Kids

Kids love pictures of sharks as cartoons. Cartoons somehow make these creatures seem more relatable and fun. Big sharp teeth aren’t as scary when they’re actually smiling at you.  Let’s be honest, Bruce from Pixar’s Finding Nemo made sharks pretty cool.

Smiling Shark Cartoon
Smiling Shark Cartoon Duvet Cover from VisionBedding

One thing we love to see are cartoon sharks on duvet covers. Comforters are usually too warm for kids and with the change of seasons, can’t be used all year. With a duvet cover, you can change the degree of warmth by changing the insert for the season.

Great White Shark Pillow Case
Great White Shark Pillow Case from VisionBedding

Another great item we recommend for a shark bedroom is a shark pillow case to go with the duvet cover. When your child goes to sleepovers he or she probably brings their own pillow and sleeping bag. Wouldn’t it be so fun for your kid to show off their super unique shark pillow to all their friends? For a child that is a little older that can appreciate the huge jaws of the great white, choose a pillow case displaying those massive teeth.

If you’re having a hard time, we’ve put together a few rooms full of our popular designs for kids shark bedrooms. Take a look!

Shark Decor for Adults

Terrifying Shark Bedroom Decor

We know the awe of these great sharks does not end at adulthood. You may appreciate them even more now if you’ve attained more knowledge watching them on Shark Week over the years.  It’s okay to sample a few pieces of shark decor for yourself.

How about decorating the basement recreation area with an aquatic theme of sharks. The Keep Calm theme is still a cool idea, try out some window curtains with these unique designs.

Keep Calm Shark Pillow
Keep Calm Shark Pillow

By the couch lay a shark patterned rug to keep the decor simple, yet stay with the theme. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you can create your own “Shark Warning” sign at home. Take inspiration from these shark bedrooms.