Make Every Week Shark Week With These Shark Bedroom Ideas

Shark Attack Room Cerulean

Make every week shark week with this mighty hunter of the sea. Love sharks and want to design a room that features these clever carnivores? Don’t want your home to look tacky? Scroll down for some great designs that aren’t just for kids!


What better way to fuel your son’s shark obsession than by decorating his room in shark themed home décor? There is a fun and successful way to style your kids shark bedroom to reflect his whimsicality.


Shark Comforter Bedroom Theme

Create an under the sea learning environment with this great shark bedding set that identifies different types of sharks. Have their room bubbling with a school of sharks and colorful shark fixtures on the wall. By using curtains that match the sheet set, you will bring together the theme and make the whole room of your kids a complete set.


Double Deck Shark Bedroom Bunkbed

Bring the aquarium to your child when you cover their bedspreads in sharks and paint their walls and add wall decal or wall stickers in shades of blue and green. Pops of green and orange will add a touch of playfulness and lighten up the tones of blue and grey. Goofy sharks in shirts and fun colors will bring a playfulness that the great jaws of the white shark can not.

Shared Shark Bedroom Theme

Shark Canopy

Send your son on a nautical pirate expedition with his new sailor themed room. He’ll sail shark-infested waters every night he climbs into his sailboat bed.


Creative Shark Headboard Shark Bedroom

This shark headboard makes a statement and brings together the tropical beach theme of this room while featuring the shark. It is an elevated shark decor great for kids, but perfect for pre-teens or surfing teenager.


Your shark bedroom does not need to be all bite and no design; it can be sophisticated and fierce. Juxtapose the calming colors of the shark with the might and power it brings and watch your shark infested room come to life.


Shark Themed Bedroom Great White

Grey shark wall art will bring a subtle sophistication to your shark bedroom! This will bring the focus to shark themed bedrooms, allowing colors like lime green, electric blue and hints of red to jump out.

Cool Shark Bedroom

With the quiet subtly of cerulean and white, images of the shark’s toothy grin and muscly fins punctuate this great hunter.

Sophisticated Shark Room

Dark sage walls feature the stark black and white decorations, bringing attention to the jaws on the rug and the beautiful split wall art. Grey curtains, sandalwood, and wicker features set the sophisticated tone of this kids shark room because of their neutrality and versatility.


Shark lovers want more than just a shark photo on their wall; they want to create a deep-sea sensation! The ocean has so many beautiful colors; incorporate them into your shark decor for a jaw-dropping wow factor. Use these colors to your advantage and make your room pop with cerulean, navy blue and aquamarine!

Aquamarine Shark Bedroom Theme

The aquamarine shark silhouettes on the shark bedding match the walls cohesively bringing this color scheme together. Utilize one or two colors within your rugs or shark wall art that are in another piece of decor within the shark room because it will create a cohesive set. This creates a smooth vision for the eyes making each shark image flow naturally into the next.

Shark Attack Room Cerulean

Step straight into a shark tank and feel the ferocity of the white shark when shark jaws jump straight out of your shark bedding. Sharks swim through your curtains and great waves crash against the ocean upon the wall tapestry. Bring your shark bedroom to life by choosing decorations that display an image of motion, and you’ll have their great white jaws jumping out at you from all sides of your room.

Terrifying Shark Bedroom Hammerhead Shark


Who said shark rooms had to be grey and white and only for kids? You can choose any color you want for anyone!

Red Shark Bedroom Theme

If you are a fan of Jaws and want to go against the flow of the ocean use dark, vibrant colors and highlight the barbarity of the shark. VisionBedding can customize any decoration to compliment your color theme. This means you can choose any color you want. This room accents deep blood red, which not only signifies the shark’s bloodthirstiness it also brings out its power and tenacity. Bright red rugs and velvety curtains change up the color wheel bringing this shark design to an epic close.



Colors affect our moods and often times we associate a color with a place. Use color and decoration to set the tone of your bedroom. Display the rough majestic hunter with jaws wide open or the peaceful shark floating through crystal blue waters. Using color throughout your design can create whatever vibe you are wanting.


Lurking Shark Bedroom Aquarium Theme

Highlight the beauty of the shark’s habitat by incorporating coral reefs, gorgeous aqua blues, and seaweed. The vibrant colors of a coral reef bring many options for accent colors. Play with canvas art that is not only stunning but draws attention to the image, giving pause and reflection for the beautiful shark.

Fun Shark Room Surfing Shark

This “surf and turf” shark room is a perfect example of how color creates the ambiance of a room! Orange, a derivative of brown, is associated with the earth and blue is connected with the ocean and the sky. Ocean area rugs and orange surfboards on the shark bedding offset and highlight the wall color, toning down its vivaciousness. The pillows highlight the rug and comforter with surfboards and shark fins. This happy and calming color combo is perfect for a beach house, teenager, or kids’ room.

Sea Foam And Coral Shark Bedroom

In color psychology, green gives a sense of calm and clarity because it is seen in nature. Sea foam and coral are naturally coastal colors and create a beautiful cohesion of shark and ocean. Showcase a school of sharks swimming through pink and blue on a tapestry and put delicate seashells and pink coral reefs on pillows. This beautiful coral and sea foam combination adds playful energy, giving this shark bedroom a feminine beachy vibe.

There are many ways to bring your shark bedroom to life. You can step into a shark aquarium or go deep sea diving inside of a shark tank. Either way, the choice is yours!