The Only Grey Bedroom Ideas Worth Replicating & Why

Because of it’s increasing popularity in the world of interior design, gray has become a staple color for decor. It has even made an appearance in the majority of the room styles featured in Elle’s Color Trends 2019! It’s a classic neutral shade that can bring personality to your room through countless different elements. Whether you’re looking for a way to elevate your elephant themed nursery or you’re trying to incorporate a modern theme in your master bedroom, grey decor is the way to go. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas to style a grey room.

Glam Bedroom


Gray And Brown Bedroom

 Decorating with Grey Decor

If grey has been a long time favorite hue of yours, odds are that you already have some appropriately colored decor and may just be at a loss for how to style it. However, if you’re in the market for grey decor, there’s no shortage there either. Here are some of our favorite ways to display the unique shade in the most fashionable rooms.

Dark Gray Bedroom

There are a lot of ways to give a room a certain vibe, but this storm cloud wall art gives a whole new meaning to moody decor. Setting the tone for a modern bedroom’s atmosphere is an important part of styling an interior because it attempts to make people feel a certain way when they enter the space. Using black, grey and white cloud decor offers a lot of flexibility in design. You can use a lofty, pillowy cloud bedspread to make your bed look like the world’s coziest sleeping spot or you can use a more intense storm cloud design on the walls to create a heavier, more serious environment.

Classy Grey Bedroom

The grey of precious metals is the well-known metallic shade of silver. Incorporating silver lined wall decor or even oversized mirrors can quickly take a flat, dull grey bedroom to a glamorous deluxe suite. In this master bedroom, the furniture on each side of the bed is accented with mirrors while a smaller, shiny mirror sits in the middle of the wall the bed rests against. For an even more glitzy feel, an added oversized eyelash rug would be the cherry on top of this luxurious grey master bedroom.

Gray Boudoir Bedroom

With this grey bedroom that is fit for a queen, the theme of luxury continues with fur accessories and lavish chandeliers. Nothing says classy like a traditional print on a lofty grey bedspread. When it comes to making a statement, you only get one chance to wow the audience, and you can’t go wrong with the perfect neutral. For inspiration you can use for decorating your royal suite, look at how the matching soft grey tufted headboard and bench at the foot of the bed work together to bring the guest a glamorous bedroom design!

Grey Room With Blue Accents

Speaking of dull, it can be difficult to attain variety when using the same light grey throughout a room. If you’re wanting to stay in one shade range, one fast way to add dimension to the room is by seeking out patterns. The intricate pattern on the bedspread complements the reflected tree wall art beautifully while the same light grey is kept consistent. Using patterns can also give you more freedom when designing as the stylist in this room chose to use a blue variation of a similar pattern for the pillows on this bed as well as a geometric blue pattern for a rug closeby. There are surely no grey skies in sight in this cozy master bedroom!

Gray Minimalist Bedroom

The mainstream style behind using gray in modern bedroom design ideas is to bring back the feeling of simplicity and minimalism. Using gray in your room is a very simple way to attain an atmosphere of ease. The grey bedroom above uses calm and unobtrusive patterns for the wall art and rug while using otherwise matte shades of gray for the wall color and bedspread. This design provides a classic, modern space that gives just as much notice and attention to the plant decor and lamps as it does to the bedspread and wall decor, creating a harmonious space that wouldn’t be possible without the stylist’s use of grey!

Adding Texture Pieces To Elevate Your Grey Room

One of the best things about gray and its neutrality is its ability to be flexible for a number of styles. Sometimes those styles are best brought out through signature textures to real seal the mood and bring the best out in your grey shades.


A very common and well-known place for gray to hang out is in the coveted modern farmhouse styled spaces. It brings a new, fresh take on rustic styles, begging designers to switch out their burlap for clean-cut matte gray accents for a more updated look. Both the stripes on the bedspread and the linen bed skirt, gray brings this farm-style grey bedroom a softer, more gentle feel. However, in the name of the style, the wooden headboards and animal horn trophies must stay.

Grey Bedroom For Men

While we could go on for days about how sleek the grey bedspread looks when combined with the brown hues in this second room, another important point to note is the variety of textures. For an extra layer of dimension, the soft, sweater grey blanket is contrasted with the brown wooden bedroom walls and floor to give the room an industrial, but still comfortable cabin-style feel. Using these darker textures with gray is also one of the best ways to give a room a more masculine vibe. When taking into account how well light grey works with other colors, don’t forget to also try it out with other textures to really create a unique space!

Gray Coastal Beach Bedroom

The lighter and airy feel of this beach house bedroom gives off a cozy, rustic vibe with the wooden headboard and wood decor. While the porch sides doors near the bed might open to a waterfront view, we promise that lighting those candles and wrapping up in that quilted gray throw will have you drowning out the sound of the waves and imaging yourself back enjoying cozy, southern summers at the cabin back home in no time.

Teen Boys Grey Bedroom

It’s no surprise that gray looks amazing when used in industrial style spaces. In fact, being the color of concrete, pipes, and metal, there’s really no way to get the true artistic feel of an empty warehouse space without using grey! This muted brick wall that doubles as a headboard, gives this attic room all the character it needs and when paired with the gray carpet, there’s no beating this unique space.

Using Grey Decor With Color and Texture To Accent A Bedroom

One of our favorite things about grey is how it matches any other color! A light gray can soften a room while a darker gray can add more contrast and intensity to your space. The options are endless, but one thing is for sure, the already amazing gray can be made even better with a splash of color.

Gray Floral Bedroom

This stylist of this feminine grey bedroom intertwined lighter shades of gray in with the floral decor to make a unique, soft space. Lining the outer borders of the room, the pink detail on the ceiling and baseboards tie everything together. The advantage of using mostly lighter shades of gray in this room is that when the designer chose to hang the dark wall art above the bed, it becomes the most eye-catching element!

Modern Gray Bedroom

This vibrant yellow room becomes an entirely different space once mixed with gray accents. There is already an understood contrast because of how bright of a color yellow is, but as different shades of grey are used throughout the room to lessen the intensity of the contrast, the theme begins to flow and come alive. The abstract art paired with the geometric designs on the rug brings movement and vibration to what would have normally been a dull, stagnant space. So just as gray can complement other colors in unique ways, sometimes it’s the other colors themselves that bring grey to another level!

Gray Floral Bedroom

Grey Room With Pastel Colors


Grey With Teal

It’s very common to see gray and blue used together and even mixed to attain a cool-toned shade of gray. We love how in these two grey bedroom ideas, it’s easy to see the difference between light gray and dark gray. Both look amazing when used with blue shades, but each influences the room in a completely different way. The same color combination is used to create both a traditional, light and airy room and a funky and colorful music lover’s paradise. The possibilities are endless!

Room Ideas For Grey Decor Enthusiasts

For those who have dipped their toe in the waters of styling with achromatic decor, these designs are an inspiration for those who never grow tired of grey and all its glory. Whether you’re a minimalist or an artist who loves the look of graphite pencil designs, you know the value of grey and the uniqueness it brings to a space. Here are some of our favorite spaces that are saturated with grey!

Pattern Grey Room


This creative room seems abstract at first but the way it uses different shades and patterns of grey tie it all together, creating the most artistic of neutral spaces. the slight color detail of the yellow taxis on the wall art and the pastel detail on the rug add just enough of the outside world to keep anyone who enters this room from slipping completely out of reality into this grey wonderland.

Neat Modern Grey Bedroom


Black and Gray Bedroom

These two stunning grey bedrooms pull together all the elements of sleek design and minimalism using simple designs, solid colors, and accents of silver and mirror detail. For any professional lover of the color grey, these upscale mature grey bedrooms are clean, yet still inviting. Minimalism is the nirvana of all grey designs. Like waking up in a luxury mansion, these rooms will provide any morning guests with a clear mind and the feeling that their destiny awaits.

Shades Of Grey Room

We’ve talked before about the jaw-dropping effects of mixing grey and blues and this master bedroom is here to prove it, intertwining bluish-gray in so many places that it’s hard to tell where the colors separate! This muted palette along with the floral detail is the ultimate creative, moody space for anyone who still wants to maintain a modern, sophisticated design. Not to mention, blue also works with grey to bring a sense of serenity to a space when its used in decor.

Chic and Elegant Gray Bedroom

This grey bedroom combines metallics, fur, candles and florals for a lush, chic hideaway that is simply unforgettable. From the variety of gray pillows to the sleek lanterns and candle stands, every corner of this grey bedroom was carefully crafted with neutral shades to create the perfect lavish experience. All that’s missing from this dreamy spot is a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries and a robe softer that the plush accessories that saturate this space!

Grey Horse Bedroom

There is something about using horses within grey design that introduces a luxurious effect. As many already know, taking a picture and viewing it in black and white automatically gives a new intensity to the photo. That concept still rings true as grayscale stallions are frozen in time tearing through the land, bringing a majestic feel to this horse inspired grey and white bedroom, while still keeping the softness of the light shade.

Grey, Black and Blue Bedroom

Among other reasons why designs love it, grey has the amazing quality of being able to open a space up just like it adds a whole new level of depth when it’s used in this modern industrial studio suite. From the boho animal skin rug to the candle arrangement, this grey bedroom combines a number of styles within its concrete grey walls, meshing together multiple themes to create a truly one-of-a-kind room where the colors steal the show. If it weren’t for the consistent gray across the room, the bright blue art wouldn’t stand out half as much as it does!

Creating Your Own Grey Inspired Bedroom

Dark Grey Chic Bedroom

Grey is clearly the new black and there are a number of ways to bring this stylish trend to your grey bedroom using countless styles of decor, all sporting beloved grey and white patterns and shades. From designs like clouds to mice and elephants or classy stripes, let grey help you create your dream space!

Grey Room With Tinged Of Pink