The 15 Best Shabby Chic Decor Ideas You Need to Know

Picking a theme for home decor can turn out to be one of the most difficult decisions ever!

For those looking for a romantic, soft feel in their homes, they should consider shabby chic style. This timeless style celebrates old pieces with timeless touches.

Have you ever heard of shabby chic design? It’s one of the hottest interior design trends around. If you’re ready to learn more about it and see some shabby chic bedroom ideas, then keep reading!

What Is Shabby Chic Decor?

Shabby chic style is one of the most popular, elegant and beautiful home decor trends around.

This style of decorating incorporates vintage furniture with soft, feminine features. These features range from florals, pastel colors, ruffles, distressed furniture finishes, and more.

The best part about shabby chic bedrooms? It’s an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself look to achieve. If you’re looking to redesign the look of your current space (or create a look for a new one!), going for a shabby chic look could be the best bang for your buck.

Ready to learn more about this timeless interior decoration theme? Here are 15 of the best shabby chic bedroom ideas to help bring your home to life:

1. Vintage Pieces

Dapper Vintage Bedroom

To achieve an old-look feel, the most important aspect you can focus on are vintage pieces.

Shabby chic bedroom incorporates vintage feel in almost every aspect; in bed frames, tables, nightstands and more. To find vintage pieces, consider heading to flea markets or vintage stores.

Sometimes you can find timeless pieces at reasonable prices. And, the best part? Each piece will be unique to your home. There’s a small chance anyone else will have the same exact vintage pieces as you!

2. Distressed Furniture

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly take a look at gorgeous, distressed furniture?

Incorporating pieces like this can transform a room into a time machine that takes visitors straight back into the 1800’s of countryside France.

One of the most notable characteristics of the shabby chic trend is the usage of distressed furniture. Going for furniture that looks old and worn is the fastest way to make the theme come to life.

In order to achieve this, you don’t have to go out to a fancy vintage store and spend thousands on literal antique furniture. You actually can achieve the look on your own.

Take your favorite wood table or headboard and achieve the distressed look by simply doing it yourself. All it takes is sanding the surface, priming and painting it, re-sanding it again, and applying a stain.

Since it’s a time intensive project, consider doing it to your biggest furniture pieces.

3. Floral Comforters, Duvets and Quilts

Floral Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor

Who wouldn’t want to sleep on beautiful lilacs and roses?

Another classic characteristic of the shabby chic decor trend is the incorporation of beautiful florals on comforters, duvets and quilts. These floral prints can create a dreamy, summertime feel — which embodies the shabby chic style.

Even better, the colors of floral prints can be beautiful accents in an otherwise pristine, white room. They add just the right amount of color without being overbearing!

Keep in mind that big, fluffy comforters and duvets or thick quilts are a staple in the design as well. When it comes to bedding, shabby chic beds transform the entire look and feel of a chic bedroom into one of sweet dreams.

4. White Ruffles

Going in hand with the dreamy, summertime feel that florals bring to a bedroom design, consider incorporating white ruffles into shabby chic bedroom ideas as well.

Not a fan of ruffled sheets? That’s more than okay — you have more options. You can incorporate ruffles as accents almost anywhere!

Afraid of overloading on them? Get a few ruffled accent pillows for the bed. Don’t want ruffles on your bed? Consider getting soft, ruffled drapes for your windows.

With just the right amount, ruffles can either be a beautiful focus or complement to a beautiful room.

5. Soft Window Curtains

Shabby curtains don’t only have to have ruffles. If you’re looking for a more romantic, airy look, then consider chiffon curtains.

The lightweight fabric will look absolutely incredible when a slight breeze rolls through any room. The fluidity and movement the fabric is capable of are a beautiful addition to an environment, no matter what season it is.

Since shabby chic bedroom ideas usually involve a lot of white fabrics, opt for this color when hanging your curtains. If you’re worried about white curtains getting dirty quickly, then consider choosing a light pastel color.

No matter what color you end up choosing, get ready for a romantic feel with beautiful curtains.

6. Crocheted Details

Ruffles aren’t the only details worth incorporating into a shabby chic bedroom.

When it comes to final touches, there’s a wide variety of textures you can choose from that will make every room come to life. A unique option would be crocheted details.

The best part? If you’re feeling the DIY flair of shabby chic decor, you can crochet unique pieces of your own. The woven fabric creates a warm, cozy feeling that you may get when going to your grandparent’s house. Something about handcrafted pieces really brings the sentimental feel to a home.

What type of pieces should you create? Whatever you want!

And if you don’t know how to crochet, that’s okay, too. You can find an assortment of crocheted pieces at home decor stores that would be perfect in any home. Crochet looks amazing on all different types of accents. You can try it on pillows, rugs, throw blankets and more.

The possibilities are endless; it’s up to you what you choose!

7. Antique Table Settings

A set table is a beautiful way to complete an overall look in your home. When it comes to shabby chic table settings, you can never be too elegant.

Incorporating antique pieces to your table setting is a perfect way to carry on the overall theme — while strengthening the beauty of the overall look. Antique table settings can be found in thrift stores and antique stores. And, if you’re decorating on a budget, you can still incorporate these pieces into your home.

Given that shabby chic style is so popular these days, you can buy modern dishware that still has that antique look. Choose dishes that have florals or paisley. These patterns are staples of shabby chic style.

8. Gold Trims

Going along with elegant, antique table settings, incorporating minor details can make your room have that “extra touch.” Consider buying dishware and silverware with gold trims. This small detail can take an already beautiful table setting the extra mile.

Gold trims are usually small enough to not be overwhelming. This is a sure way to add an extra touch to your home without much effort.

When guests sit to dine with you, their eyes will be attracted to this small but beautiful detail; and they will be wooed by how incredible it contrasts with the rest of your house. It doesn’t have to stop at the dinner table either; oftentimes, you can find gold trimmed mirrors and more.

9. Tea Sets

Fewer things are as relaxing as sitting down with friends for afternoon tea.

Another way to get into the shabby chic spirit is by decorating your kitchen table with a lovely tea set. A shabby chic tea set will usually be one of soft pastel colors with floral patterns on it. Plus, the teapot will have a vintage shape, which will fit perfectly into the overall theme.

A tea set can be a great investment into bringing the overall elegance of your home to the next level. What’s more luxurious than beautiful porcelain pieces on your dining room table? Not much!

10. Contrasting Colors

Even though white is the main color of most shabby chic bedroom ideas, you can still incorporate additional colors to keep the look fresh and lively. When choosing colors, it can be helpful to pick contrasting colors.

In doing so, you not only brighten up the room, but you stay with the soft, elegant feel. Too much of one color can throw the balance of a room off. Contrasting colors solves this problem by keeping everything easy on the eyes.

Once you pick a few contrasting colors that you really like, stick to them. Let them become your color pallet for your room. In no time, it’ll all come together!

11. Mixing Patterns

Rose Shabby Chic Bedroom

Oftentimes, mixing patterns can feel very unnatural. However, this is a big part of shabby chic decor!

Mixing patterns can result in wonderful results — if done correctly.

As stated earlier, consider mixing floral patterns with paisley. The two can oftentimes be similar enough to where the combination wouldn’t clash. If you’re hesitant to mix patterns, don’t be. Simply choose a few that you like, then mix and match them.

Try to choose ones that have contrasting colors. Just be sure either of them isn’t too bright — shabby chic bedroom is all about soft elegance!

12. Soft Colors

Purple Shabby Chic

Aside from pastels, soft colors bring out the best of shabby chic decor. Although white is usually the primary color, you can incorporate soft pieces as a way to accent any room. Opting for light blues, pinks and purples is a must. These colors follow the general theme of florals.

You can incorporate them in many different ways, such as with throw blankets, rugs, throw pillows and more.

13. Feminine Touches

Adding feminine touches throughout your house is key to bringing the overall look together. These small details may seem like a lot of extra effort, but trust us — they will definitely bring the room to life.

Adding feminine touches means choosing accent pieces that have round characteristics or overall soft features. Imagine a beautiful, oval mirror hanging above your bed. If you’re looking to take each piece to the next level, incorporate other shabby chic characteristics, such as gold trim or florals.

Soft touches here and there will up the coziness of your home. Be strategic with where you place them, too. A good option for an unexpected feminine touch would be in one of the most overlooked rooms of a house: the bathroom.

Overall, feminine touches are what define shabby chic decor. Don’t overlook them!

14. Built-In Storage

Built-in storage is a must in any household. When you get home after a busy day, it’s good to have a set area to place your pocketbook and keys — or else you are bound to lose them!

Built-in storage is a great way to continue on with the shabby chic design of your home. Consider choosing distressed pieces (or distressing them yourself!). Hang these by the front door and everyone will fall into the shabby chic spirit right when they walk in.

15. Simplicity

As always, keep in mind that shabby chic decor doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, simplicity is the way to go when it comes to this design. This does not only apply to your bedroom. This is applicable also to the other parts of your home, even on your garden. You can check out this post for some shabby chic garden ideas.

By sticking with the key characteristics of what makes truly shabby chic decor (soft, elegant, feminine), you will only need a few key pieces because their beauty will go a long way. The less you have, the better. Don’t stress yourself out trying to incorporate too many pieces — it could throw the entire design off!


Overall, shabby chic bedrooms is one of the most popular home decor trends to date. When choosing what trend is best for you, you might be drawn to this beautiful design.

By incorporating soft elegance with feminine features, your home can be transformed into a dreamlike world. Don’t forget the small touches either; vintage tea sets, distressed furniture, ruffles and gold trims will take the entire look the extra mile.

If you’re looking for more tips and suggestions on how to pick the best bedroom design, we’re always writing about it on our blog. Check it out.