Why Grey is the Most Popular Bedroom Color


As you ponder what color scheme to integrate into your new bedroom, you might be surprised to learn that grey is among the most popular color palettes. In fact, it has become quite popular in interior design in recent years.

The following is a look at several of the reasons that this color makes a lot of sense for grey bedroom ideas!

It Goes with Anything

Gray and Yellow Bedroom Decor

Grey is one of the most neutral colors, which means that it allows you significant flexibility to accent your grey bedding with a variety of colors.

For instance, you can add some bright red décor to your walls, or paint your room black, pink or brown. Plus, if you like constant change, you can adapt the room décor without having to swap out your grey comforters.

It Creates Separation

In color psychology, grey is known as a color of isolation. Whereas black and blue are viewed as dark or somber, and red is considered energetic, grey does not stand out as positive or negative.

Thus, for people who prefer that other elements of a grey master bedroom attract attention, grey bedding is a sensible choice. Bright or more attention-getting wall colors may cause grey bedding to give the bed a smaller feel, making the room seem larger.

It is Calming

Grey and Blue Bedroom Decor

Though other colors are viewed in psychology as more calming, grey bedroom ideas is considered to have a calming effect. This value makes it a logical choice for your master bedroom for relaxation and sleep.

Calm grey comforters may help ease the stress and tension from a busy day of work or for people dealing with personal anxiety.

It Has Some Flexibility

Shades of Gray Bedroom Decor

Not all grey bedding is the same. As with other colors, there is a range of choices when it comes to grey bedding. Some greys give off a slightly warmer feel, such as yellow-based greys. This approach makes sense if you want the neutrality with a bit of warmth.

Other greys, such as blue-based, create a cooler feel. Blue is a calmer color than grey, so a grey-based approach gives you the neutral look with increased calming effect.

Grey also works with various master bedroom design schemes, including classic, modern and contemporary.

It Offers Gender-Neutrality

Gray Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Whether you are preparing for a baby, concerned about swapping your kids’ rooms or simply prefer a gender-neutral color, grey bedrooms work.

Lighter or softer grey comforters are generally regarded as more feminine, while darker grey bedding is viewed as more masculine. Thus, if you do want to establish a gender-specific tone, you can still choose from the grey color palette.


Grey bedding, window curtains, and grey bedroom décor in general has become a popular trend over the last several years, in part because of its adaptability to various design styles and color schemes.

If you are in the mood for grey bedroom ideas, VisionBedding offers a lot of unique design options with grey color schemes. Additionally, you can send in your photo and we can create a custom grey comforter exactly how you want it!