Match Your Existing Bedroom Color Scheme

In the Webster Merriam dictionary, the definition of custom is made or performed according to personal order. At VisionBedding, the definition of custom is the exact same thing! We specialize in creating custom home decor products that have specifications made by you.

Many people are so used to shopping at big box stores where there are no options, that when they visit our website, they don’t understand the options available to them. We will lay it out straight for you… when you order from us, you can customize your decor the following ways:

  • Size
  • Background
  • Objects in the Design
  • Add or Edit Text
  • Change Color

By customizing your home decor product from us, you can create a room exactly how you want it. In this post, we’ll be talking about the one method of customizing that is most elusive to our customers…changing the color to match a color scheme.

Read on to get specifics on why and how you would want change color on your custom home decor product. 

Why Customize Color?

Customizing the color of a design gives you several options in the decorating world. You’ll be able to match existing color schemes in bedrooms or create completely new color schemes that are unique. Let’s look at a few examples…

Is your child’s bedroom already a certain color (let’s say bright pink) and they love it, but they’ve grown from a crib to a twin bed and you have to find a new comforter to match? And that comforter just HAS to have her favorite animal on it? But the favorite animal is so unique (let’s say an elephant) that you can’t find it anywhere? But, VisionBedding came to the rescue and has an elephant comforter that she loves! But alas, it’s not in the right color. There’s really no problem! We can adjust the colors on the design to match the color scheme in your child’s bedroom! Ta-dah! A custom comforter for your little girl.

Or how about you’re redecorating your living room and you’ve decided on a mint green and white color scheme. You don’t have a lot of pieces purchased yet, but you know these are the colors. You like to keep things classy in your living room, so you’re looking for an argyle or chevron pattern. Your windows are really unique so you have to purchase custom size window curtains. Luckily, you already know you’re coming to VisionBedding because we deal with custom size window curtains every day. However, when you decide on the argyle window curtain design, you can’t find it in the right color, but you’re an experienced designer and already know the exact color code you need on the design. You let us know when you add your item to cart, and voila! You just saved lots of valuable time by just changing the color.

How do I customize color?

You’re probably sitting there wondering, but how do I know the color I specify will match the room? Bright pink can come in many shades, so just saying that could get you a color you don’t want. There are so many shades of colors that we completely understand this concern.

Tropical Sunset Bedroom

There are multiple ways to specify colors for your custom home decor, but all of them will get you to the same end point, so we will mention the main three methods: the hexadecimal code, the RGB code and the CMYK code.

RGB Code

Three values from 0-255 based on the intensity of each color. There is one value each for the amount of red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in the color. For example, a bright red will be RGB: 255, 0, 0.

Hexadecimal code

A 6 number/letter code similar to RGB specifying the luminance of each of the three color of red, green and blue ranging from 00 to FF. For example, a bright red will be Hexadecimal code: FF0000.

CMYK code

Four values from 0-100% based on the percentage of each color. There is one value each for the amount of cyan (C), magenta (M) yellow (Y) and black (K) in the color. For example, a bright red will be CMYK code: 0%, 100%, 100%, 0%.

You can use any of these methods to specify a color for your color scheme for your custom home decor. If you want different designs on your throw pillow and your comforter, but you want them to match, give us the color code to adjust on the design. It is so easy to decorate your room with our custom home decor products and custom color adjustments.

Matching your bedroom

Color palette, samples of various paint

If you are wanting to match a paint color perfectly, it will get a little difficult. One would think with this numbering system that you could convert the dyes in a paint can to perfectly match one of the number code colors mentioned above, but these numbers above are digital and for computer displays.

Paint colors are not that simple. There’s a lot that comes into play with paint and colors including the amount of gloss, the brand of paint, and the other colors in the room. If you are trying to match a paint color to perfection, it will be difficult.

Here is our recommendation.

Navy Blue Bedroom

Convert RGB codes to a variety of paint colors using this website. Again, be weary of these being perfect matches even though the website recommends them. Then check these colors by doing the following…

If you still have the paint swatch or paint can on-hand, you can try to compare the digital color code on a printed piece of paper. So find your paint can, print out the RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal code you think matches, and compare.

Remember, most printers speak CMYK so it is wise to use this value when printing. Make sure to calibrate your printer to the CMYK colors before printing, or you could see the wrong shade of color and not know it!

Decorating With Complementary Colors

Do you happen to be redecorating a room from scratch?

Blue and Orange Bedroom

Blue and White Unicorn Bedroom

One final recommendation from our design team is to choose complementary colors for your color scheme. There are several color modes you can go with depending on brightness, range of colors, and number of colors. It can be fun to get out of the box and try out two complementary colors that you would not have thought of before.

That’s what makes decorating with custom home decor so fun! It doesn’t have to be a chore when you can simply customize it!