Decorating a Bedroom with an Animal Theme

Let’s face it; all the wild or domesticated animals make the world a better place. The thing about these lovely creatures is that they can also be part of your kids room. Not that the actual live animal is staying with you in your room, although there are pets for that. What we’re trying to say is that you can have a bedroom decor with cute and fierce animals as the design.

Cowboy Bedroom Idea

Cat Bedroom

Kids aren’t the only age group with a strong desire for any animal bedroom ideas. In fact, adults also love to have their favorite mammal or reptile present in their room decor. Although most of the time they prefer those that come in prints or mandalas. Such bedroom decor can stretch from a cute and innocent look to a jungle-like design that grownups and kids would love.

Surreal Fur Bedding

Safari Bedroom Idea

Bunny Nursery

Fur doesn’t only go well with clothes or shoes, but they also make great duvet covers. Disclaimer, we’re not talking about real fur from bears or any other animals. We mean the design or look of the fur printed on a sheet that are made into duvets. Such decor will look extraordinary on your bed and other bedroom furniture. Your friends might even mistake them for real fur. You just need to affirm that the decor just looks too real to make it appear so. That’s a compliment, by the way.

Zebra Themed Bedroom

Birds of the Wind Window Curtain

Peacock Bedroom

“Birds of the same feather flock together” is a spot on metaphor of having winged animals on your window curtain. We’re talking about how window curtains can let you have access to see the sky and therefore it represents it. Now, what animals can we see in the sky? Birds, exactly. These animal themed bedrooms for kids, teens and grown ups are perfect with any window curtain design with birds on it.

Fluffy, Puffy Pillows

Animal Pillows

Let’s not stray far away from the bedding when it comes to the pillows. You need to have similar designs for them since these two always come together. If the bedding has an animal’s fur, decorate your pillow cases with animals with the softest hair or coat. They can still be related even though they don’t have the same design in that way. A certain breed of cats and dogs are deemed worthy, in our honest opinion. Now you just have to decide whether you’re more of a cat parent or a dog person.

Shark Themed Bedroom

Bugs That Crawl on Rugs

Bug Rug Bedroom

Wild Horse Bedroom

For your area and round rugs, you can choose between land animals that crawl on the ground or water animals that swim in the ocean. You can disguise your floor as land or water depending on the look that you want to have for your room decor. If you dig the aquatic animals more, then you can go for fishes and corals display on your rugs. If you prefer the earth and its dry ground, you can start decorating your rugs with bugs and then upgrade to horses and farm animals later on. The fact that you have two habitats of styles to choose from shows that this should make the picking task easier for you. However, in another note, the number of options can also be confusing at times. But let’s just focus on the bright side: more images means more chances of choosing what you want for your rugs.

Free-form Wall Art

Safari Wall Mural

Jurassic Bedroom Idea

Since art primarily emphasizes self-expression in every sense of the word, you have the freedom to choose which worthy animal shall be in your wall decal throne. That means you can have an animal from land, water, air, or a combination of all these in your wall tapestry and canvas wraps. The only thing you have to remember is to keep the colors in sync with the rest of the items inside your kids room. Never go for a dull wall art design when your bedding all the way to your rugs are all exuding such brilliance that can never be put off. If you like, you can even have furs, bugs, and fluffy coats on it just as long as it doesn’t look redundant and too much of the same thing.

Jungle Themed Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom with an animal theme doesn’t necessarily mean turning your room into a jungle. But if that floats your boat, then we’re right behind you, pal. What we’re trying to say is that you can even focus in just one animal and have everything inside your room related to it. You can have a lion’s face printed on your window curtain  while showing its body’s fur in your duvet cover as an example. That would make a great bedroom, indeed. Just let your imaginations and creativity run as wild as these animal bedrooms and you’re going to do great.