Motocross Bedroom Decor Ideas – How to Decorate

Most people would say that adventures can only be found outside the house. They would say you need to get out of that four-walled room and expose yourself outdoors. Although in some aspects it is true, one must be aware that there are two sides to every coin. Most adventures are made away from your comfort zone. However, could it be that your comfort zone itself is an adventure of its own?

What’s it Like?

Decorating motocross themed bedrooms is like putting all the experience that comes along with the motorcycle racing in one box. Every time you open the box, you get to be immersed in a nostalgic adrenaline rush that only your home decor can bring. You don’t need to hear the rev of the engine getting louder by the second. You don’t have to step on the mud of the obstacle course whilst flying past spectators. It’s fine not to feel the wind on your skin as you perform stunts while your motocross bike jumps midair. All these things are not necessary because you get to feel them all the same. You just have to have everything in your bedroom decor with the motocross theme.

The Benefits

No one can discount the inspiration these bedroom decor can bring to someone who aspires to be a racer. Seeing a window curtain that displays an incredible stunt on its fabric can easily encourage someone to keep on practicing. Witnessing a graphic illustration of an obstacle course on a duvet cover can definitely help someone find the courage to join a race, not to win it, but to enjoy every second of it. Even a thing as simple as an area rug or a round rug with anything related to motocross on it can already affect a person to pursue the thing he loves to do the most. And if a throw pillow with a helmet on its display can cause someone to participate in an off-road motorcycle racing, how much more an entire bedroom of it?

When Decorating…

The hardest part of decorating a motocross bedroom is choosing the designs; the easiest part is knowing the big picture of how you want your room to look like. Naturally, if you already know what to do with your room decor – what dirt bike designs to put and where – it’d be easy for you to choose the styles. However, since there are dozens of options to choose from, it might be a little bit time-consuming. Although it is the most difficult part, taking too long to decide is never a bad thing. It is but right for you to put in a lot of thinking when it comes to choosing the right designs. Besides, you only want the best for your bedroom decor with motocross theme and if you’re going to do it all the way, you might as well do it perfectly and leave no room for regrets in the long run.


So basically, if you want to create a dirt bike bedroom decor, here are the things that you need to do and remember.


You can take up a piece of paper and a pencil and start making a draft of how you want your room to look like. You can get ideas from the web or you can create your own using your imagination. There are a lot of things you need to consider in creating the “big picture” for your dirt bike room.

First, you need to have a specific sub-theme.

Although motocross is a theme itself, the coverage is still wide enough for you to make a mismatch with all the designs. To avoid that, you need to decide on a micro level as to what kind of look and feel you want your bedroom to exude.

In motocross racing, you can dress your home decor in the following sub motocross themes: Off-road, Jumping Stunts, Assorted Stunts, Muddy Course, Racing Proper, and Freestyle Racing. These are just some of the specific looks that you can have for your bedroom under the dirt bike theme.

Second, gather possible design ideas.

After choosing the precise appearance for your bedroom, picture out the possible bedroom decor that you want to display so that it will be easier for you to choose once you see your design options.


This is the best time to make use of your favorite color. But usually, when you’ve already selected a specific sub-theme for your motocross bedroom, your favorite color is out of the picture. It’s because each sub-theme has its own set of colors that you have to use. For Off-road sub-themed rooms, you will go along with brown and muddy colors for the whole look. Jumping stunts sub-theme usually is composed of white and blue colors because of the sky and clouds that comes with the design. A race sub-theme will have a more colorful palette because the racers would have different suits and motorcycle colors. But again, you have the freedom to mix and match as you like, just remember to keep everything coordinated.

Choosing a main color for your bedroom is very important because it sets your mind to only one spectrum of hue that you want to use. If you haven’t decided on a central color for your room, the tendency is that you might use a lot of different colors that might look really great individually but would look like a mess as a whole. So you can either choose your own main color or go along with the sub-themes’ palette.

Color Consistency is the Key

However, these are only suggestions in decorating motocross bedroom ideas. You can always go for the colors that you want to use in your dirt bike bedroom since it’s yours. But if you want it to look coordinated and comfortable-looking, you can always read this article for some tips. Because there’s an instance where you might get too excited in decorating your own bedroom, adding a touch of yourself to it, that you might end up choosing the wrong patterns and colors. Although the products look good by itself, when you put it around the others, it might not go the way you imagined it in your head. So it’s much better, and we recommend, to really get some advice in decorating your bedroom with this extreme sports theme.


After choosing your motocross bedroom’s main color, next is to know its different light and dark shades. For example, if your main color is blue, pair it with colors that are closely related to its tone. The likes are sky blue, arctic blue, sapphire, cerulean, azure, cobalt, and navy. If you search these images you can see that they go from light shades to dark ones. This central color can be applied to the Jumping Stunts sub-theme where the clouds, skies, and the motocross racer are the main subjects.

Having a main hue is important because it keeps everything inside your dirt bike bedroom united with a single color, although in different shades. Unless of course you want a rainbow-colored bedroom. But for a motocross themed room, you need to pick designs that are similar in color.

The Importance of Central Tone

Now you can probably see why having a main color is important; it’s sort of a guide for the decor in your bedroom to follow. Having a room filled with things that are focused only on a single color but many tones is very much pleasing to the eyes. It gives a sense of orderliness to the one who owns the room, as everything is in its proper place and hue.

Since motocross is all about racing on sometimes muddy, sometimes dry ground, the central tones are probably along the lines of brown colors. So you might want to incorporate shades like tortilla, peanut, tawny, gingerbread, cinnamon, syrup, pecan, walnut, carob, and chocolate. Again, these shades go from lighter shades to darker ones. You can choose a central tone depending on the sub-themes of motocross decor. Go over point number 2 to review what these colors are.


Now that you have your main colors and its shades, it’s time for you to know where to place which tones on what products. Generally, you can do it in five ways. First, place darker shades of designs on the window curtain, bedding, and wall art. The rest of the lighter shades should go into area rugs, round rugs, pillowcases, and throw pillows. Second, place lighter tones on window curtain, bedding, and wall decor. The rest of the darker hues are on area rugs, round rugs, pillowcases, and throw pillows. This is basically just the exact opposite of the first point.

Third, alternate light and dark shades. You can have light tones on window curtain, round rugs, wall tapestry, and throw pillows; the rest will have darker colors. This is just an organized combination of the two, if you noticed. Fourth, settle with light tones for all the designs. And fifth, go with dark colors for all items.

The Logic Behind

Essentially, you need to focus on which shade you want to highlight in your room decor; is it light or dark? You can have the option of combining the two, if you’re somewhere in the middle. If you want the lighter shades to be emphasized, you just simply choose products with a bigger coverage of the room area to display it. Like the window curtain, bedding, and wall decals. They occupy most of the room so they will be the first thing that you will notice upon entering the room.

The rest of the products like rugs and pillows act as contrasting tones to keep the entire look interesting. Reversely, with darker shades as your focal point, choose the window curtain, bedding, and wall decor with darker tones. The rest of the product will be in lighter colors to have some sort of diversity for the entire look.


Now that you’ve already mastered the colors and its shades, you need to choose styles that matches your bedroom item. This means that you need to pick the patterns that makes absolute sense when you put them on your room. For example, let us imagine your floor as the ground or the obstacle course where the motocross race takes place. If that is so, your area rugs and round rugs should have the color of the dirt on its design. Your window curtain could be where the spectators watch, or where you can see a rider doing some stunts midair. The bedding could be where the actual race is taking place. It could show some landscapes or a group of riders racing through the course.

Your wall art is a free space where you can put whatever design you want. Just keep in mind the coordination of colors that in point number 4. The wall art is a free space because it is an expression of yourself. You are not bound or limited to any motocross design or pattern that you want to place on it. As long as the colors are in sync with the rest of the items in your bedroom, it’ll be fine.

The Big Picture

This entire process is like creating a scenario inside your bedroom. You recreate an experience, perhaps, or a scene from a motocross race appropriating the designs according to the proper space in your own room. It’s like creating a story inside your bedroom without having to use words. And that exactly is the beauty of decorating a motocross themed bedroom.

Most people would say that adventures can only be found outside the house. Little do they know that decorating a bedroom decor itself is an adventure of its own.

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