Kids Backdrops in Any Custom Size & Free Personalization!

Making kids smile is the most rewarding part of being a studio photographer, both in terms of business success and personal enjoyment. But it can sometimes be difficult, even for the best, so that's why you need our kids backdrops. These photo backdrops picture thousands of images specifically selected to get kids engaged in the process of taking their portraits. Choose custom backdrops from each category, including airplanes, robots, sports, cheer leading, cars and more.

For little boys, you've got to have kids backdrops that feature the biggest, loudest, strongest and fastest machines on the planet. That's why we provide portable backdrops that picture state of the art airplanes, such as F-16s, F-15s, Blue Angels, and F-18 Hornets. Other roaring vehicles displayed on our photographer backdrops include Mustangs, Ferraris, Corvettes and other cars, plus military tanks, Jeeps, quads and helicopters

Add our cheer leading themed backdrops for little girls. Choose cartoons of sweet blonde-haired cheerleaders waving their pompoms in the air. Girls also adore our photo backdrops that display colorful floral arrangements in pink, orange, blue, purple and all the colors they love. And no photography studio is complete without backdrops that picture the animals that warm kids and make them laugh, such as baby bears, fuzzy kittens, wide-eyed puppies and young deer.

Kids love to run, jump, yell and compete, which is why they can't wait to play sports the second they get out of class. So of course our kids backdrops feature images of basketball players dunking, softball players hitting home runs, lacrosse teams showing their team spirit, and track stars enjoying the adulation of a stadium full of fans. Decorate your studio with our wall murals and banners to showcase the designs you offer as backdrops.

A backdrop is artsy and an essential part of any photography studio. To assist your business in staying ambitious, you’ll want to have a wide variety of unique backdrops for your models to model in front of. At, we offer over 400 amazing designs offered in both common and modifiable sizes. To create a truly unique kids picture for your clients, have a backdrop distinct from any other they have seen before.

Showing high quality backdrops is essential for making one’s photo business succeed, so they are key purchases. Our low maintenance and lightweight background that can be set up anywhere will let you take your photo work outside your studio easily; this model also makes them convenient to store. Our kids backdrops not only meet that criteria, but they also have available transportable background hanging stands with storage cases, so you can take pictures in almost any location.

At, you can break out of the box of measurement and color combinations with our presumably limitless palette of patterns and customization choices. Customize your dimensions between 48 and 240 inches length and width! Order from our wealth of popular kids designs, or if the colors aren’t completely what you desired, customize them! Upload a design you love, and we’ll imprint it for you on the background to make your request a reality. You can even take a photo that you still are wild about no matter how frequently you gaze at it, and let us print it right onto the fabric of your background to create a large unique mural that will be the center of attention in your room.

Backdrops are not only for professional use. Show off some kids backdrop in your house to make a different decoration for your home or make a customized business backdrop to show off your logo. Get a Vision Bedding backdrop for your next party for a unique photo spot for your house guests. Reimagine a pool party converted into a beach luau by displaying sand meets ocean backdrop image. Your guests will rave over posing for many selfies. Our backdrops are multi purpose and easily portable--set up one anywhere for an easy decoration or instant scene change for your images.

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