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Flag Blankets

Flags symbolize the pride of countries, so choose the flag for your favorite country as displayed on our custom flag blankets. But we don’t just offer the standard flag designs, you can also choose fleece blankets with different interpretations of flags, including a Japanese WWII era jet flying across the rising sun flag, a geisha girl waving her fan seductively from inside the red dot of the Japanese flag, the American flag surrounded by exploding fireworks in a black night sky, or the letters “USA” filled in with the red, white and blue stars and stripes, or the Eiffel tower in the center of the stripes of the French flag. What is your favorite country? Do you love the gorgeous green rocky beaches and good times of Brazil? Then hang a throw blanket on your couch or wall featuring the Brazilian flag made into the shape of the country, a footprint, a heart or a ball that is being unzipped to reveal a soccer ball inside.

Or do you prefer a British flag? Cover your sheets with a bed blanket displaying the British flag superimposed over a view of Westminster Abbey or the Tower Bridge, the flag painted on an electric guitar, or a black silhouette of England in the middle of the Union Jack. How about the huge and friendly country of Canada? We have blankets with the Canadian flag on top of the Montreal skyline, a button, or a flag with the usual red illustrated maple leap replaced by a real brown one. Do you have Irish roots or love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Then pick a blanket with the green, white and orange of the Irish flag painted on a map of the Emerald Isle. We also have flag blankets for Italy, Germany, Greece and more.

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