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Skateboard Window Curtains

Skateboard styled custom size drapes are made to order in any size you desire, in sheer or black out material.

When decorating the bedroom of an adolescent boy, you want to keep in mind that he will want to appear unique and cool, which might seem like a daunting task. There are so many potential themes that could be hit or miss with temperamental teens. However, it is always a safe bet to incorporate skateboard window curtains -- every teenage boy associates extreme sports with coolness! One trend many boys flock toward is the style of urban art. Graffiti and cityscapes are artsy, stylish, and well-loved by most college-aged students.

Showing off skateboard window curtains which portray the silhouette of a cityscape is always a safe bet. However, adding in a skateboarder landing a trick really makes these designs unique and perfect for young adult males. Along the same lines of this theme, lots of teens and college students love the look of graffiti and street art.

They often incorporate abstract designs and bright colors which are artsy and oriented toward the tastes of boys. Window coverings which depict images of skateboarders flying past colorful street art are a great way to get the urban look, sans the vandalism! Incorporating such art brings a way cool vibe to any bedroom. However, the extreme sport of skateboarding is so cool that it does not need to be paired with urban art to look impressive.

Skateboard window curtains which focus entirely on the sport might be the preference of some boys. There is nothing cooler than seeing these athletes in mid-kick flip or performing an ollie. Teenage boys in particular will love having decorations which remind them of their favorite activity.

These designs are not exclusive to the bedrooms of older boys, however. There are also designs for window treatments which focus on cool-looking skateboarding cartoon characters to which the rooms' occupants can relate. Step away from the urban or grunge look of the other designs and stick with something a little more age-appropriate.

This is a great way to make any younger boy feel just as grown-up and cool as the skateboarders. Urban styles and trends are on the rise in terms of popularity among teenage and young adult males. Incorporating skateboard window curtains which are set in city scenes is always a safe bet when decorating the bedrooms of young men.

However, younger boys can enjoy these designs as well -- friendly cartoon skater dudes make for a great addition to any skateboard bedding theme because they are age-appropriate but will still make boys feel grown-up.

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