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Sailboat Window Curtains

If you like to sail, check out Vision Bedding’s vast collection of sailboat window curtains to use as furnishings for your windows. Our boats on water seamless pattern window curtains feature olive green, turquoise, and sea green miniature vessels spread out on a white background. The ship 2 window curtains depict a stunning sunset, casting a shadow over the massive sailboat, the island, and the palm trees on it.

The ancient ship in the sea window curtains shows a bright light, emitting from the sky and overlooking the brown, wooden boat with white sails. The ancient sailboat at sea window curtains portrays a black and white sailboat on the sea. In our collection, we have two sailboat window curtains in stock, one with an entirely blue background and the other with a sailboat with a white sail and wooden body sailing on the sea at dusk.

The sea seamless pattern window curtains and the nautical pattern windows curtains, both feature symbols representing the characteristics of sailing such as anchors, clouds, sailboats, steering wheels, and whales. The sailing boat and clouds with sun window curtains depict a tiny vessel with a red sail drifting at sea. The cartoon images of a sailboat with red sails window curtains display a boat with a white border, wooden body, and two flags sailing underneath a cloudy sky.

The steering wheel of old sailing vessel window curtains show off a beautiful sunset from the perspective of the sailor. Personalize the window curtains with a picture of you standing with your boat.

You can match your sailboat themed window curtains with some wall murals of palm trees and a beach bedding set for a unique design of your room.

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