Jungle Window Curtains

Jungle styled custom size drapes are made to order in ANY size you want, in sheer or sun block out fabrics.

Its not surprising that Green is what jumps out at you from these jungle window curtains, but you might be a little startled by just how vivid the colors of these tropical birds and flowers are. Intense orange, yellow, blue, green, and coral all hung in a single parrot on a stick. Or the pastels and deep blues of psychedelic flowers and butterflies swirling in jungle themed window curtains. From a tree frog clutching a leaf to the jade eyes of a golden leopard, these custom size window curtains bring the colors of the jungle to your room.

Let the breeze drift behind a clear white waterfall falling into a dark green pool in a bright ferny forest of lime at your window. Drape your window with sun-dappled jungle green fronds and ferns. Leave a river of jade at the base of a wide white waterfall spilling over dark rock in a leafy forest.

Make it pure turquoise, backed by sun lit trees turned to lemon lime by golden sun. Wake to the golden glow of sun through a dense tangle of green bushes like light at the end of a tunnel. Leave a fat golden sun behind a flock of birds in vibrant orange skies behind grunge green palms.

Let fresh rain sparkle on curved blades of green grass in transparent white bubbles. From tumbles of milky waterfalls to the pink nose of a tiger, let these jungle themed window curtains leave the lush greens and brilliant colors of the jungle at your windows.

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